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September / October 2016

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Freedom in Franchising

If you’ve performed your military duties to the letter, you already know the drill of adhering to a system, which makes you a perfect candidate for franchising. And franchising may be the perfect career option for you, too. After all, the “secret sauce” for franchise success is a formula of procedures dictating the creation and delivery of product and services.

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Your Career in Good Hands

It’s a well-known fact. Finding a post-uniform job is far from easy. The Good Hands¨ people at Allstate Insurance Company, however, are doing their best to change that.

The company recently launched the Allstate Military Veterans and Spouses Program, a unique initiative designed to help veterans and military spouses become Licensed Sales Professionals (LSPs) and work for one of more than 10,000 Allstate agency owners across the United States.

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Spouse Series: Post-Transition Tips
Moving sucks. I’m sorry. There is just no nice way to say it.

Moving, however, is inevitable in this military lifestyle. Whether you and your family are nowhere near transitioning out of the military lifestyle or you are making the Big and Final Move on Uncle Sam, moving has its challenges and you have to deal with them, like it or not.

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                                Career Coach's Corner

Transition Talk
Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers.

Q: I will be transitioning out in 12 months and I’m working on my resume. My biggest challenge is understanding pay scales and which industries pay higher or lower for my skills. Are there tools or tips for negotiating salary?

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Franchise Facts: Q & A

Brian Crawford is Director of Franchising and Real Estate for Kilwins Chocolates and Ice Cream. He has more than 20 years of experience as a franchise executive and has held executive level positions with franchisors Homes & Land and Milliken & Company. Brian and his wife have been franchisees in the SportClips Haircuts system for six years and counting.

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What It Takes to Be Your Own Boss
Getting to call the shots, making your own schedule and having unlimited financial upside are just some of the things that attract people to starting a business or purchasing a franchise. It sounds flexible, powerful and extremely exciting, but what does it really take to start your own business? Are you cut out for it? What makes a small business or franchise successful?

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Veterans Like Franchise Ownership Because It Lets Them Lead and Follow
“What’s Next?” It’s a question Andrea Burns pondered as she entered her last year of active duty as a Marine. The options were many because, as a Lieutenant Colonel, Burns had much-desired leadership and management experience.

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Fitness: A Combo of Health and Heart
Widowed after her husband’s service-related death in Alaska and facing life ahead with two young sons, Rachael Hill found solace in physical fitness classes. Working through her grief as a fitness instructor helped her to see that she wanted that for other people, too.

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                                Spouse Series

Anytime Fitness: A Healthy Fit for Entrepreneurial Vets

Anytime Fitness has a simple mission: “To help entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning their own businesses, while contributing positively to their communities, and to help our gym members get to a healthier place.”

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Celebrate Your Career Transition - BYOB?
During my 30-year career assisting military service members in career transition, I developed a wealth of knowledge and experienced many surprises. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all was discovering that many of those people end up working for companies about which they had no knowledge and/or in positions with which they were unfamiliar at the start of the transition process. Does that surprise you too?

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Military Couple Share Insights into Franchising
Franchising is a popular career opportunity for military veterans. Military veterans often become successful franchise owners because of the similarities between franchising and the military. In addition to the strong support system and working toward a common goal, in both they make tough decisions in difficult situations, follow set procedures and complete continuous training.

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