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September / October 2015

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JDog: More Than Just Lip Service

After transitioning out of the military, you may miss some of the intangible aspects of the lifestyle.

For example, you may be used to working in a mission-oriented world with others who share a common work ethic as you.

You don’t always find that type of culture in the civilian workplace but you can find it by becoming a JDog Junk Removal franchisee.

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Franchising: A Perfect Fit For Veterans
Alexandra Myers was craving smoothies. Rich Anthony had too many mosquitos in his back yard. The light dawned: If those things were important to them, other people probably felt the same way, too.
Both now have flourishing veteran owned franchises that have grown so exponentially, even they didn’t foresee their resounding success.

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Three Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

If you boil down all reasons that entrepreneurs’ businesses thrive, no matter the varying types of companies, there is one thing they all have in common: They are the experts on one service (or product), and their expertise is so refined that people are willing to pay top dollar for it, says former U.S. Marine-turned-multi-millionaire Dr. Indigo Triplett.

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Etsy: Not Just Another Sideline Business

Army SSG Tara Hutchinson was an MP squad leader on a mission when her vehicle hit an Improvised Explosive Device. She lost her right leg and suffered brain injuries, which led to hand tremors. As she recovered, an occupational therapist suggested she try jewelry-making to rebuild her fine motor skills. Hutchinson regained strength in her hands and eventually found herself in a new military friendly career, an Etsy business called San Antonio Silver.

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United States Air Force Veteran Fulfills His American Dream as a Coverall® Franchised Business Owner

United States Air Force Veteran, Mario Rivers, discovered how difficult a niche can be to find. After working in education for 17 years, it was pure happenstance and a colleague’s phone conversation that encouraged him to make the call to Coverall and start the journey of becoming a veteran business owner.

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Transition Talk
Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers.

Q: I will be transitioning out of the military in the next 18 months. Several people have suggested that I begin “networking” as a way to make connections. Can you provide me with some examples of great networking? It seems to be a catch all for connecting, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

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Spouse Series: Taking Care of Business...Your Own Business
Once upon a time, employment opportunities for military spouses were severely limited. Let’s refer to those times as the dark ages, shall we? Fortunately, that era is over. Thanks to evolving business attitudes, global corporate partnerships and advances in technology, military spouses today have more career enhancing options available to them than ever before.

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6 Financial Tips for Entrepreneurs
Having a handle on the financial side of your business is incredibly important. An understanding of the numbers can maximize what you earn, protect you and your family and even keep you in business. Dedicate some time to your finances each month and you’ll be more likely to improve your business, reduce stress and avoid unnecessary heartache. Here are six important financial tips for entrepreneurs.

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Career Transition 101
I recently revisited my notes from a "Journalism 101" class I took in college and was reminded of the basics of writing a good news story, particularly the importance of covering the facts surrounding the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of the event. I was immediately struck by the realization that these five W’s and one H are just as important to “Career Transition 101” as they are to that basic journalism course.

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                         Career Coach's Corner

Military Job Fair Calendar

Job Fairs are an important part of a transitioning service member's civilian job search. See our list of upcoming job fairs.

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Operation Transition: The Allstate Military Veterans Licensed Sales Professional Insurance Training Program
Service members making a military-to-civilian career transition understand how complicated, competitive and confusing a job search can be. It is why it’s important to explore all options. One program you may want to consider learning more about is the Allstate Military Veterans’ Licensed Sales Professional Insurance Training Program.

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