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November / December 2015

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Announcing the 2015 Top 40 Under 40 Military

The influence of the veterans and service men and women who are part of this year’s Top 40 Under 40 Military has a wide global reach, ranging from the boardrooms of America’s top businesses, to the theatrical stages of Las Vegas, to hospital rooms and remote tropical villages. No matter where they find themselves, the “Top 40” are setting themselves apart for ongoing acts of service in local communities and by advancing their employers’ organizations.

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Military Leadership in Action: A Q&A with Mercedes CEO Steve Cannon
Steve Cannon has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of Mercedes-Benz USA LLC since January 1, 2011. Prior to that, he served in a number of functions at Mercedes with stints in marketing, executive leadership and financial services. To help commemorate the Top 40 Under 40 Military issue and Veterans Day, MTN caught up with Mr. Cannon and asked him for his advice for transitioning military and veterans.

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5 Financial Milestones to Strive for by 40

During your 40s you may be at the height of your career, which also means your highest earning years. While you are enjoying this success, temptation can be high to increase your lifestyle. You might even feel pulled in many directions by various financial priorities. Here are five financial milestones to strive for by 40 so you're prepared for the future.

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Achieving a Higher Rank After the Military

When Travis ‘TC’ McNeil retired from active military duty, he had a lot of things to consider. He needed to find a new direction for his career that would allow him to provide for his family. TC and his wife, Shenita, attended a Saladmaster cooking show in the home of a friend. He was very impressed with the cookware and the business plan where you can be in business for yourself, and in 2012, TC and his wife decided to start their own Saladmaster business.

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Transition Talk

Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers.

Q: I was very lucky when I transitioned out last year. I got a job with a great company in an area close to my wife’s family, but I was so worried about getting a job that I didn’t really focus too much on whether I wanted to make this my career. Now nearly a year in, I can’t help but wonder if I should have done a better job researching what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, instead of where there was an immediate opening in the geographic location that I wanted. This company loves veterans and has been really great, but I really think that I need to look elsewhere. What do you think I should do as my first step?

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The Brave New World of Customer Service
The staccato pace of emergency customer requests - everything from storm-related home damage to leaking roofs - suits Justin Miller just fine. He’s rolled with demands so easily, that he has steadily been promoted from an entry-level customer service rep. Miller was a Rifleman as a Marine Cpl, and in his civilian career, he has relied on the same hard-charging work ethic, diligence and leadership skills that the Marines instilled in him. He’s on call 24/7, but having served in challenging assignments for the Marines, that doesn’t faze him.

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Employment Resources for Military Spouses
If you are a military spouse in need of a job, particularly one that is potentially flexible and portable, look no further than the Military Spouse Employment Partnership Career Portal. Through the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, hundreds of businesses have committed to hiring and retaining military spouses in jobs that provide meaningful and lasting employment.

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Overlooked Careers: Are You Bypassing Your Dream Job?
Dig into anyone’s professional past, and you may find some interesting surprises, especially if that person is a veteran who learned long ago to tackle a civilian career they may have otherwise overlooked. And if you discover some basic ways to see your skills in a new light, you might also stumble into a dream job that wasn’t even in your sights.

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Spouse Series: The Shoes Have It
While researching online late one night, I ran across a 2012 news article claiming that researchers from the University of Kansas could accurately judge a stranger’s personality simply by looking at the person’s shoes. I wasn’t, however, willing to cough up the $35.95 for the online version of the study to find out. Even without shelling out dollars for details, anyone could deduce the basic logic involved. First impressions count.

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Your Career Transition Alphabet - Part One: A to O

According to lexicologists, there are more than 20 alphabets in use in the world today, the most common of them being Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Georgian and Korean. Today, I will introduce you to a new one, the Military to Civilian Career Transition Alphabet.

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