Research will require you to dedicate some real effort to reading and learning about the industry, the job, as well as the location where you want to live. Become informed about the industry and job you’ve chosen to pursue.

Economic Conditions

Research how the current economy is performing? Research the specialty area or type jobs that you have targeted to determine if they are affected by the overall economy. Take a look at the geographical area in which you wish to relocate to determine the cost of living and what the job market is like.

Are you going to relocate and looking to purchase a home? Do you need to refinance your existing home?

Purchasing, financing or refinancing a home mortgage during or after a job search doesn’t have to be complicated. Utilize our affiliate below to get more information.

Industry and Jobs

Research jobs and companies that offer the strongest match of your skills and experience. This will improve your chances of a successful job search.

  • Newspapers, magazines, and want ads.
  • Military specific publications- review Company ads
  • Company websites Career Page
  • Online search
  • Networking- ask questions and get advice
  • Job Search tools (Resource section of Career Advice)
Career Planning Guide

Assessment & Career Counseling - Tools to help you clarify your career choices and identify jobs that might suit you.

Research - How do you find information on the things your are interested.

Networking - Links to other information sources related to careers, job searching, relocation, transition assistance, and more.

Resumes - Preparing your resume.

Interviewing - Communicating who you are and why you can do the job.

Offer Stage - Getting the compensation package you want requires knowledge of the market.