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Career After The Military  - After exiting such a highly regimented environment as the service, the newly discharged soldier, sailor, marine or airman will undoubtedly be looking for a job in which they can use their talents. For most formal military personnel, the job field is wide open since basic military skills and discipline can be applied to a variety of different jobs. When considering the nearly unlimited possibilities waiting for former military personnel, you must make some tough decisions regarding money, family, and location.

Careers for Veterans  - There are literally thousands of rewarding careers for veterans. Indeed, the sheer number of job openings underscores the utility of your military experience, adding yet another dimension to its value. These jobs span every discipline and are available in all corners of the country. Whether you have separated from the military recently or are many years out, there have never been more diverse and promising career options.

Careers in Government - Careers In Government (CIG) is a niche job board dedicated to matching qualified individuals for public sector organizations with challenging and rewarding careers in government and the public sector.

Civilian Jobs in the Military  - Separation from military service doesn't necessarily mean the end of a military career track. Many civilian jobs are made available by the military today. From kitchen staff to military sub-contracting, the military provides a wide range of career paths in a variety of locations to newly transitioning military members, as well as the civilian population on a whole.

Corporate Military Placement  - Corporate military placement should never be a hassle. Although we hear plenty of news about our current economic woes--and indeed, witness them firsthand--the situation for skilled service members is quite favorable. Use your resources wisely and you should have no difficulty finding a job in the private sector.

Data Options  - A travel company for the military.

Disabled Veteran Jobs  - Suffering a disability during military service is regarded as one of the greatest sacrifices a person can make for their country. Whether your disability ended your military service prematurely, or whether a quick recovery allowed you to complete the term of your commitment, the pain and hardship you have endured is something we are all grateful for, and we wish you only the best during the course of your recovery.

Employment for prior military  - The challenge of finding employment for prior military service members has received a lot of attention lately. Newspaper articles and television segments are quick to paint a bleak picture of the general job market and to explicate the difficulties it poses for those transitioning from active duty. The job market is indeed competitive; however, at we feel you have every reason to be optimistic about your career prospects.

Federal Veteran Jobs  - The federal sector provides a large variety of jobs to meet the skills of any transitioning military member. From healthcare to jobs in government security clearance, there are jobs available in the federal sector that can suit a number of different career paths. The trick is getting connected with these jobs. Moving ahead in the federal sector will only become easier over time as 90 percent of all federal management positions will be up for retirement in the next decade. For anyone interested in federal work, now is one of the best times in history secure a federal position, and specializes in helping military personnel and veterans land these jobs.

Help Writing your Resume  - As a transitioning member of the military, you already have a sterling background and work history. Companies in all sectors and of all specialties are looking for people like you fill important positions. In order to set yourself apart from other applicants and to highlight your strong skill sets and leadership qualities, it is important to develop a professional resume.

Hire a Veteran  - In today's rapidly changing work environment, companies are constantly searching for people on the cutting edge of new technologies. Employers also desire candidates who have a strong record of quality performance and proven loyalty. Recent college graduates often lack the strong hands-on experience and long-term work history desirable in an employee. For this reason, many employers today choose to hire veterans.

Hire Vets First  - As America grows out of the industrial age, the job market is rapidly evolving into a service-oriented environment. Finding trained professionals with a large body of practical knowledge and experience is becoming the dominant paradigm for today's employers. College graduates come well educated, but rarely have the experience necessary to step into a new role with minimal guidance.

How To Make A Good First Impression  - We've all heard the old adage, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." As overused as this phrase may be, if it weren't true, people wouldn't use it. A good resume and a strong service record are of great start. Still, nothing showcases a great personality like a confident face-to-face interview.

Job Placement For Military In Transition  - Finding job placement for military in transition is a task filled with unique challenges. Any job transition is tough; however, the process of separating from active duty and beginning a career in the civilian sector is complex on many levels. From personal adjustments and family needs to necessary professional adaptation, there's a lot with which you must contend.

Job Placement for Veterans  - There are a number of federal and local resources devoted to finding job placement for veterans. If you've been on the job market a while, you probably know to consult your state's Department of Labor website and to search through specific federal resources for service members. These steps are always a good start; however, they provide only very general information. If you want specific assistance, you'll need to take extra measures on your own.

Jobs After The Military  - Transitioning military members are in an interesting position. After spending four years or more in the service of our country, they now have to decide what shape the rest of their lives will take. This can be a tough decision with factors including location, pay rates, benefit packages, and job descriptions. As former service members, these people are in high demand, and differentiating between similar options can be quite a challenge.

Jobs For Ex-Military  - Jobs for ex-military members are plentiful these days. Federal and state legislation exist to facilitate a smooth transition, and those who conduct strategic, well-organized job searches can usually find a number of rewarding options. The key is to understand the broader job market climate and how it can be worked to your advantage.

Jobs for Former Military  - Transitioning from the military can be a daunting prospect for anyone. For those stationed overseas, this means leaving good friends and familiar places. For any full-time military personnel, it definitely means leaving behind the routine that has become the way in which a person has lead their life for any number of years. With all the possibilities of a new location and line of livelihood, the number of choices can simply become overwhelming. However, there are easy ways to find the best jobs when it's time to move into the workforce, and can help.

Jobs for Military Veterans  - Jobs for military veterans are plentiful. The challenge rests with developing the right strategy to find and secure them. From a crisp, effective resume that highlights your strengths to an interview that seals the deal, you must initiate a multilateral campaign. This campaign must showcase your talents and target your specific career goals.

Jobs For Prior Military  - For those moving out of military service and into civilian life, there can be many concerns that demand one's attention. Deciding where to live, reconnecting with family and friends, and looking for work are some of the issues that can occupy one's mind. With so many concerns to address, many transitioning military members will utilize services dedicated to providing jobs for prior military.

Jobs For Prior Military Service  - Those who have given their time and attention to the service of our country have distinguished themselves as dedicated, hard working professionals. In today's dynamic and unpredictable workforce, it is nice to know there are still individuals who can represent a company with dignity and honor. This is why so many successful businesses are choosing to reserve jobs for those with prior military service.

Jobs for Retired Military  - There are several things to consider when seeking jobs for retired military service members. First, you must take into account general trends in the job market, as this will help you know where to look and what to expect. Second, you must think about the unique skills your military training has helped you develop, and about how these skills may be marketed to potential employers successfully.

Leaving The Military  - Leaving the military can be one of the toughest transitions of a person's life. You must say goodbye to good friends, familiar places, and a way of life in general. This is also an exciting time, full of new possibilities. You can finally return to your family, your place of origin, and a new life accentuated by exhilarating career choices.

Life After The Military  - Life after the military brings a strong mix of emotions to most people. After having spent so much time with people close to you in a variety of high intensity situations, it can be hard to say goodbye. Leaving behind the routine of daily military life is a change that takes a while to adjust to. On the other hand, you will be returning to your loved ones and your hometown, and the joy experienced by many is nothing short of overwhelming.

Military Career Services  - Military career services have expanded in recent years to address the growing need for transition assistance. With literally hundreds of thousands of service members seeking new employment each year, career resource services have never been more vital. To be truly useful, however, these services must go beyond basic database listings to provide viable avenues to job placement.

Military Job Fairs  - For transitioning military personnel, finding a job quickly becomes a top priority. Many companies prefer those with military experience. They know they can rely on former military members to demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills. For this reason, many companies, especially aerospace and defense contractors, hold job fairs especially for transitioning military personnel.

Military Job Placement  - Every year, well over 150,000 service members are discharged from active duty and transition to civilian employment posts. The estimated number of veterans seeking employment nearly doubles that number. Although the military community constitutes a diverse and richly talented group of individuals, a significant proportion of these people will find it difficult to find military job placements that meet their needs.

Military Job Placement (Part 2)  - is the newest weapon in the Bradley-Morris arsenal. This extensive website is a powerful tool for job seekers and employers alike. Operated by a group of talented executive officers, many of whom have prior military experience, seeks to expand on the impressive Bradley-Morris network.

Military Job Searches  - The most effective military job searches are those that rely upon multiple search tactics. Sadly, it's no longer enough simply to polish your resume and send it in to a potential employer. These days, finding and securing the right job takes real ingenuity. Promising jobs abound, but you must pull out all the stops in order to stand out from the competition.

Military Job Seekers  - Military job seekers have unique needs. The transition from active duty to the civilian workforce is taxing on many levels, and the U.S. Department of Labor has established a Transition Assistance Program (TAP) that every service member should consider. It will orient you to the transition process and provide tips for getting started on your job hunt. From there, however, it's up to you to be creative, resourceful, and persistent in tracking down the job that's right for you.

Military Resumes  - Military resume writing is a skill unto itself. No matter what your level of military experience, it's likely that you will need some help with presenting your training effectively. Take the time to do it properly and you open yourself to a whole new world of professional possibility.

Military Resume Writing  - Military resume writing is a skill unto itself. No matter what your level of military experience, it's likely that you will need some help with presenting your training effectively. Take the time to do it properly and you open yourself to a whole new world of professional possibility.

Military Retirees Job Listings  - For those retiring from a stint in the military, finding a replacement career track can be a real challenge. Fortunately, a number of services, both federal and private, are available to help the transitioning military member find the job of their dreams. Distinguishing between these options can be a difficult decision as well. The right service can speed up the job search and connect candidates with jobs in top industries.

Military Transitioning  - Transitioning from the military can be a challenge for anyone. This major life change means leaving familiar surroundings, the routine of military life, and good friends. Looking forward, the transitioning personnel will be reconnecting with old friends and family, finding a new place to live, and settling into a successful career path.

Military Veteran Jobs  - For the newly discharged veteran, there is a world of opportunity waiting in a number of exciting career fields. Deciding which career track to take is an important decision that requires serious deliberation. Information about the application process, networking, and the compensation you deserve is required to make this crucial decision. Luckily, there are a number of services dedicated to connecting the military veteran with high quality jobs.

Scholarships for Veterans  - Scholarships for Veterans is a not for profit, non-partisan, non-political organization dedicated to making scholarships available to recent veterans.
SFV hopes to motivate individuals and businesses to assist in providing scholarships for returning veterans. Money donated goes directly into the designated college's scholarship fund and is collected and awarded by the college foundation. 

Veteran Hospital Jobs  - The healthcare industry is growing at an astounding rate. As America's largest industry, the opportunities in the healthcare field are becoming more available and increasingly lucrative. The healthcare industry is all-inclusive, much like the military. Job opportunities in the healthcare industry include skilled medical workers, kitchen staff, technology experts, administrators, and financial experts.

Veteran Job Fairs  - Job fairs are traditionally a good place for the corporate world and the public to meet face to face. These dynamic events are designed for both employer and employee to get a feel for one another, as well as a place for all concerned to network. These career fairs are a great place for job seekers to research careers in a variety of fields and to get a feel for which jobs best suit their personalities.

Veteran Job Opportunities  - For newly transitioning military members, there are a number of resources available to assist you in making a smooth entry into the civilian workforce. In fact, the number might astound you. With so many private and government agencies available to assist you, it can sometimes be difficult to find a central location for viewing all the possibilities.

Veteran Job Search  - Searching for a new career with competitive pay and comprehensive benefits is an important aspect of transitioning from the military. The loyalty, respect, and dignity you have demonstrated by finishing out your stint is impressive, and employers respect that fact. Matching your service record with an attractive resume can give you the competitive advantage necessary to achieve the career you desire.

Veteran Job Searches  - If you've ever conducted veteran job searches on the Web, you know that there are countless sites devoted to providing military veterans with career assistance. Each site stresses that there are thousands of jobs available to veterans, and some go as far as to promise a new job within a matter of days. These bold statements are encouraging, but they often fall short of expectations. After all, you're not looking for any old job. You're looking for a career.

Veteran Preference Jobs  - The transitioning military member has a distinct advantage in today's job market. The dedication and teamwork you have demonstrated over the course of your service gives you preferential status among top paying employers. This status is not simply restricted to civilian jobs in the military or jobs in the federal sector, but extends to all aspects of civilian employment. This is especially true of high tech manufacturing, the defense industry, and healthcare providers.