Career After The Military

After exiting such a highly regimented environment as the service, the newly discharged soldier, sailor, marine or airman will undoubtedly be looking for a job in which they can use their talents. For most formal military personnel, the job field is wide open since basic military skills and discipline can be applied to a variety of different jobs. When considering the nearly unlimited possibilities waiting for former military personnel, you must make some tough decisions regarding money, family, and location.,
Designed for Decision Making is an affiliate of Bradley-Morris, a company renowned for matching skilled officers and enlisted candidates with over 1,000 companies in fields such as engineering and information technology. is expanding the Bradley-Morris legacy by offering an even wider range of placement opportunities to meet any skill group. As a free service to transitioning military members and separated veterans, specializes in placing candidates in positions that can lead to satisfying careers.

The Career Center provides valuable information designed to ease the transition from military to civilian life. Staffed by customer service professionals dedicated to making your transition as smooth as possible, the Career Center is a self-directed reference source that will walk you through creating an online resume and navigating the web of possible positions available to every serviceperson today.

The types of employers registered with are all looking for marketable skills provided by servicemen and women. These employers are excited to find candidates with strong leadership and dedication imparted by military service. Creating a profile with is a great way to get your name out to a variety of federal and civilian employers who are looking for someone with your exact qualifications.

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Jobs After The Military

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