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September/October 2010

Articles in This Issue

Creating Higher Standards

T H Hill Associates, Inc., a Houston, Texas-based consulting and services company in the oil and gas industry, has struck oil in the resource rich work force transitioning from the military. Learn more about this growing company and how military-experienced employees are making an impact.


Management Material?

It’s no secret that veterans have a lot to offer civilian employers. Understanding how to market your military skills and experience to corporate America is the key to landing your post-military career.

Selling Yourself on the Phone

Many employers start the interviewing process with phone interviews. Getting an in-person interview depends on how well you sell yourself over the phone. In this issue, Career Coach’s Corner, Tom Wolfe explains a few simple techniques you can use to succeed.

Ten Ways to Ruin an Interview

Arriving late, being unprepared and smelling like a barroom are sure fire ways to ruin an interview and the chance at a job offer.  Check out this list before your next interview to avoid these common pitfalls.  

Uncovering Your Next Career

Finding a civilian career can be a challenge for most transitioning military. Spending a little time reflecting on your likes and interests can help you determine the best career to target.

From the blog: Writing a Military Resume for Civilian Audiences

Translating military experience into not only relatable, but hotly pursued skill sets is the perpetual challenge faced by military job seekers across the globe. In this article “From the Blog,” Jessie Richardson provides practical advice on how to write an effective resume for a successful military-to-civilian transition.

MyCAA Program Restarts in October

The immensely popular MyCAA program for military spouses will restart on October 25 after a six-month hiatus. The program has been modified but it still provides educational benefits and training for military spouses.

Knowledge is Power

A love of reading can be a great asset in your military transition.  Reading professional newspapers, magazines and books can be great conversation starters when networking or even topics of discussion in an interview.

Avoiding Internet Scams

Your financial life is just as important as your work experience in today’s job hunt. This article from USAA explains how you can avoid being the victim of internet identity theft.

Publisher’s Letter

Despite the doom and gloom reported by the media, companies are expecting to hire new employees over the next few months.  Civilian Job News' Publisher, Bill Basnett, provides advice on how you can prepare for this upcoming change in the job market.