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September / October 2011

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Top 40 Under 40 Military Spotlight: Mike Marty - Resting his arms on the hood of a Humvee during a late-night artillery field exercise, Michael Marty decided it was time to share with his company commander: “I think I need to leave the Army so that I can go to business school. I can’t do both.”

The conversation that followed - and the lessons he learned that night - changed Marty’s life. What ensued was a series of punctuated Army career highs that set the foundation for a successful transition into the civilian arena.


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What civilian employers really think of you

You’re stiff. A little too serious. Not really interested in negotiating with people - you’d prefer to bark orders and boss them around. When it comes to what civilians think of those that have been in the military, we’ve heard it all before. But what about civilian employers? Is their perception of veterans just as narrow?

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Finding Your Bliss

Trying to find a career that's right for you? One piece of career advice you may have heard as you pursue a civilian career is, “Do something that truly interests you” - or in other words, “Find your bliss.” Heidi Russell Rafferty investigates tips that can help you discover your dream job.

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The Great American Debt Disaster

Managing your personal finances can be stressful, but never more so than at this point in our country's economic history. USAA shares some useful tips regarding what you can do to avoid debt.

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Publisher’s Letter: What do you want to be when you grow up?

When you ask kids what they want to be when they get older, they never say, "I'll take whatever comes my way." Civilian Job News' publisher, Bill Basnett, encourages CJN readers not to settle, even in the current job seeking climate.

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