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Your Career in Good Hands

by Janet Farley, Contributing Editor

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It’s a well-known fact. Finding a post-uniform job is far from easy. The Good Hands¨ people at Allstate Insurance Company, however, are doing their best to change that.

The company recently launched the Allstate Military Veterans and Spouses Program, a unique initiative designed to help veterans and military spouses become Licensed Sales Professionals (LSPs) and work for one of more than 10,000 Allstate agency owners across the United States.

LSPs are employees of Allstate agency owners, and work closely with Allstate customers while supporting day-to-day business operations. They also work to build strong community relationships while providing insurance and financial products to customers wishing to protect their homes, cars, motorcycles, lives and retirement incomes.

Ideal candidates are able to demonstrate initiative and ownership and are able to work under tight deadlines. They have a proven ability to learn new skills quickly and can effectively communicate with others.

Candidates desiring employment as an LSP should also be able and willing to obtain a property and casualty state insurance license once they are hired.
Qualified LSPs who want to advance may have that possibility.

“Our licensed sales professionals may also go on to become agency owners, too,” said Justin Herndon, a representative from Allstate’s Media Relations and Issues Management Team.

A Good Fit for Veterans and Military Spouses

Allstate agency owners know that veterans and military spouses have a lot to offer and they do more than just say so. They hire them time and time again and with good reasons.

Rusty Creed is one of those people. He has worked for Allstate since he was 16 years old and he is now the owner of two Allstate agencies based near Mesa, Ariz.

“What I thought was just going to be a summer job turned into my career,” he said.

“Working at Allstate has always been a good fit for me. I like meeting people and helping them. I like to make a difference for them in their time of real need. It’s rewarding,” said Creed.

Creed served in the Army Reserves himself, transitioning out as an E6, Staff Sergeant after 12 years of service, so he understands what it’s like to enter or re-enter the civilian workforce.

“Veterans show up on time. They work a full day on the job and they don’t get easily distracted,” said Creed.

Creed likes to hire veterans because of those qualities and much more.

“When some service members get out, they may not have any relevant civilian job experience to speak of because they joined the military at a young age. Being in the military might have been the only job they ever held,” he said.

“By enrolling in the Allstate Veterans and Military Spouses Program, they can learn a new trade, get hired and start to build a civilian work history,” he said.

“If they excel, there are often opportunities to advance or they can position themselves better for other jobs elsewhere,” said Creed.

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