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Three Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

by Heidi Lynn Russell, Contributing Editor

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3. Gauge your service or product by watching your clients’ reactions to your work. After he left the Army as a CPT in 1998, Tom Aiello went into the agency world. But he realized his passion was marketing and communications to the military and veteran community after a career that included roles such as recruiting veterans for Sears Holdings Corp.

During the last two years, Aiello and other veterans started MARCH Marketing in Chicago, to help organizations understand how to recruit, retain and foster the growth of employees who are veterans. A portion of the company’s bottom line every year goes back to help military veteran charities.

Having worked so long with veterans and as a veteran himself, Aiello knew he understood the military culture and what companies needed to do to keep their veteran employees satisfied and productive.

He knew he’d hit a “magic formula” for his company’s services immediately.

“It was 2012, during the first client meeting where we delivered our first product. They were ecstatic. That mentally validated that we could do this. That was really early on - within weeks of starting,” Aiello says.

Although his business is still young, Aiello feels confident about its future. He has a six-person team that handles digital media, creative development, social media strategy and copywriting, plus he hires freelancers.

“We’ve got enough in the bank, we’re growing and aggressive, and I don’t have to lose sleep over making payroll,” he says.

Heidi Lynn Russell writes about employment and business issues.

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