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Operation Transition: The Allstate Military Veterans Licensed Sales Professional Insurance Training Program

by Janet Farley, Contributing Editor

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The facts are crystal clear. Service members making a military-to-civilian career transition understand how complicated, competitive and confusing a job search can be.

It is why it’s important to explore all options and even some of the programs available to assist in that transition.

One program you may want to consider learning more about is the Allstate Military Veterans’ Licensed Sales Professional Insurance Training Program.

It just might be the path you seek if you like the idea of continuing to take care of others in your post-uniform life.

Military-experienced candidates who have been honorably discharged may qualify for a virtual insurance sales training program with the opportunity to begin a career in an Allstate agency.

First Step: The Screening Process
Interested candidates are first vetted through the recruitment process where they learn more about what an LSP does in an agency. They also have the opportunity to speak with a member of the Allstate family to get a better feel for the program itself.

As a part of the pre-screening process, candidates will complete an application and take an online personality assessment; however, the outcome of that assessment will not affect the candidate’s ability to participate in the program.

Next Phases

The program will give the candidates the necessary tools to prepare for their state Property and Casualty licensing exam. Upon completion of the exam, candidates will be eligible for a completion bonus in recognition of their accomplishment.

Candidates will then begin a virtual training around Allstate specific education. Included are educational elements around resume building and interview tips specifically tailored towards veterans looking to take the LSP position.

Completing the Program

Individuals who successfully complete the program are then given the opportunity to interview to be a member of an Allstate agency as an Licensed Sales Professional.

Participation in the program does not guarantee that you will receive a job offer from an Allstate exclusive agency owner, however, there will be no obligation or contract stating the candidate must work for an Allstate agency or pay back their completion bonus. The program is designed to equip interested and qualified veterans with the tools they need to become an associate agent.

As Luck Would Eventually Have It

The Allstate Veterans’ Program is an excellent opportunity for service members who may be interested in a career in the insurance industry.

“When it was time for me to get out of the Army, my wife wanted me to work for the Border Patrol. I didn’t want to work in a job where I could get shot at again, however,” said Emcie Martinez.

Martinez now works as an Allstate LSP for a San Antonio, Texas agency owner.

“The Allstate Veterans Program just fell into my lap,” he admitted.

“I wasn’t actively looking for a new job but it just appeared,” said Martinez, who transitioned out of the Army in 2010 after serving eight years.

After he and his family relocated to Texas and while working in the insurance industry, Martinez learned about the Allstate Veterans Licensed Sales Professional Insurance Training Program.

“I knew 100% that once I entered that program, I was going to be the best at it,” he said.

After successfully completing the program, Martinez had the lucky predicament of having to decide between seven different offers to work at an Allstate agency.

He ultimately chose to work with a team in San Antonio where he continues to hone his skills and serve his customers to this day.

It’s not the final job destination for Martinez, however.

“I want to eventually have my own office one day. It will happen, I’m certain of it,” he said.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities such as these with Allstate, contact Jessica Doll at

About the Author: Janet Farley is a job search and workplace issues expert and the author of “The Military Spouse’s Guide to Employment: Smart Job Choices for Mobile Lifestyles,” (Impact Pubs, 2013) and “Quick Military Transition Guide: Seven Steps to Landing a Civilian Job,” (Jist, Inc. 2013).


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