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Veterans Coming Home


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Readjusting To Civilian Life

As service members transition out of the military, readjusting to civilian life can present significant challenges. For many veterans, the transition is filled with complicated and confusing challenges. Some feel isolated and alone. Some struggle to find or hold a job. Many say they feel they just don’t fit in.


Located in southeastern Virginia and forming the southern shore of the Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads is home to the world’s largest naval base as well as Air Force and Coast Guard facilities. A hub of U.S. military activity, nearly one-fourth of the nation’s active-duty military personnel is stationed in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.


As the launching place for so many service members and the leaving place of so many families, the region has long had a commitment to supporting veterans and military families. With support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), WHRO in Hampton Roads joins public media stations from across the country to launch Veterans Coming Home, a national public media effort to support veterans in making the transition to a healthy and productive civilian life.


Through compelling national TV and radio programming, public media celebrates and honors veterans’ service and shares the stories of their challenges and triumphs. WHRO is pairing strong, national on-air content with locally relevant programming and services that can help address the needs of veterans in Hampton Roads. The station is working with community partners such as to better coordinate and publicize local services for veterans, facilitate dialogue about local issues and solutions and connect more veterans with resources and support.


Visit WHRO’s website,, to learn more about national and local efforts. The website presents inspiring stories, connects veterans to resources, shares opportunities to get involved and offers tips to help veterans make a successful transition to civilian life. is featured on the WHRO website along with these tips for veterans attending a job fair:

1. Show up with a positive attitude.

2. Do research on your industries of choice.

3. Make sure your résumé stands out and it is geared for a specific position versus a general résumé.

4. Save company literature and business cards for follow-up and future employment search activities.

Readjusting To Civilian Life


By deploying on-air, online and on-the-ground assets, WHRO and other local stations can share the stories of veterans and their families and bring local communities together to provide support and solutions where needed.



Readjusting To Civilian Life“Americans will connect to these powerful stories of courage, commitment and sacrifice. They will see the veterans as people who have so much to contribute as they return to civilian life. And once they hear and see these stories, they will be compelled to respond through their local public media stations to work with local business and veterans organizations, faith based and community groups,” said Pat Harrison, CPB President and CEO.



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