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Veterans & Eaton: A Powerful Combination


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Many of us have been in professional situations where the importance of ensuring that operations run efficiently and steadily - “keeping the lights on,” if you will - was stressed. In corporate America, there aren’t many companies that do a better job of literally “keeping the lights on” than Eaton, a power management company with approximately 101,000 employees and 2013 sales of $22.0 billion. And what’s more, Eaton - a 2014 Most Valuable Employer (MVE) for Military®- also knows the value of targeting and hiring veterans to help them accomplish this mission.

Eaton Understands The Value Of Military Experience


“At Eaton, we know that the single most important ingredient in our success is our people,” said George Bernloehr, senior military talent acquisition consultant, with Eaton. “We recognize that individual differences and unique perspectives lead to innovative ideas and better decisions for our company and our customers. In the U.S., one way we add to this diverse set of perspectives and skills is by tapping into the talent pool of our military professionals.”


From the U.S. Armed Forces to Eaton


Eaton’s Core Values and Philosophy - Respect, Integrity, Learning Agility and Safety - resemble the core values of the military, making for an easier transition to civilian life and allowing veterans to have pride in their employer, like they have pride from serving our country.


Veterans perform a variety of team roles for Eaton, from operations to sales to customer service. Four Eaton employees with military backgrounds are profiled below.


David is a former Warfare Officer with the U.S. Navy now working as a Plant Manager in Maryland. One thing that drew him to Eaton was Eaton’s culture. “Even though I was not familiar with Eaton prior to my job search, each employee’s passion, excitement and sense of pride for working at Eaton was evident in my conversations with the team. Having experienced the same sense of pride and ownership while serving in the military, I was comforted and excited to find a similar culture within Eaton. These interactions made a tremendous first impression on me and sparked my interest to learn more about Eaton.”


One of the main reasons Erik, a former Security Forces Officer with the U.S. Air Force who is currently participating in Eaton’s Global Leadership Development Program, joined Eaton was because of the emphasis and clear importance Eaton and its people place on the value of the experience of a military veteran. “A lot of companies claim to be military friendly but, in my experience, Eaton was far above the competition in relaying this message to military veterans. The senior leaders I interviewed with made it clear that Eaton understands the value of military experience, making my decision to join Eaton that much easier.”


Priscilla is a former Battalion Operations Officer with the U.S. Army who now serves as a Customer Service Manager in Scoresby, Australia. As she was transitioning out of the military, she met some of Eaton’s senior leaders and learned about the opportunities available during interviews. “I learned that, working within Eaton, you could grow horizontally as well as vertically, which is an aspect that is similar to the military. You don’t have to stay in the same role your entire career unless that is something you choose.”


Eaton Understands The Value Of Military ExperiencePeter joined Eaton as a Project Manager in Pennsylvania after serving as a Sergeant, Aircraft Administrations / Enlisted Aircrew / Aerial Observer with the U.S. Marine Corps. In this role, he is responsible for the ultimate success of day-to-day activities within the business. Eaton’s philosophy is what appealed to Peter. “Eaton is an organization that is focused on the wellbeing of the employee and safety, performing business soundly and ethically. I truly enjoy each day here and I look forward to many more in the future.”


For those who can picture themselves “keeping the lights on” as part of the Eaton team, there are several ways to learn more about the company:


- Visit to search for open positions using your military job title or code, or by location or function

-Connect with Eaton at a military job fair.

-Check for a current list of events they will be attending.

-Introduce yourself to their military recruiters by sending an email with your branch of service, rank and availability date to


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