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Airborne infantry vet makes a new jump with a franchise

An interview with Veteran and Mr. Appliance® franchise owner Bob Tuck

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As a seasoned veteran in both the military and the appliance repair industry, Bob Tuck served as an airborne infantryman before he and his wife, Nita, opened their franchise, Mr. Appliance of Naples, Florida in 2004. Having an early jumpstart in the appliance repair industry, Bob soon discovered how his military training would be an asset when running his franchise.

One of seven home service brands supported by The Dwyer Group®, the holding company for these franchise brands, Mr. Appliance consists of over 160 locations across North America and is the industry leader for appliance repair services in both performance and customer satisfaction. The Dwyer Group and Mr. Appliance provide all of their franchisees with tested business systems for better business practices, full support services and continued educational opportunities.

What is the greatest advantage that veterans have when opening a franchise?

Certainly financial to begin with. For the Mr. Appliance franchise, I received a veteran financial discount on the franchise fee through VetFran. But the VetFran discount is nowhere near as impressive once you visit and participate in a Dwyer Group function of any kind. They’re so appreciative of veterans and service people. For me that’s even more important than the financial advantages. Just to be a part of an organization that is so appreciative of our young men and women serving, it’s really just a great feeling.

How do the business systems for your franchise relate to your military training?

The military is full of systems and many of them aren’t quite as efficient as many of the systems that The Dwyer Group and Mr. Appliance have in place. The fact remains that we come out of the service, and we’re used to systems. We’re used to following a set protocol each day. The business systems at The Dwyer Group and Mr. Appliance work beautifully. For a new veteran coming in, Mr. Appliance really is a turnkey business for somebody that knows how to follow directions, follow a system and trust in their leaders. I think that’s what makes a good soldier.

How has your military background had an impact on your business today?

In business, although there are some really good times, there are also some really tough times. I still go back to the principles and the mindset that I learned during the service when those challenges come along, and I would say that’s how the service has most helped me in business as a Mr. Appliance.

What would you say to a fellow veteran considering a franchise such as a Mr. Appliance?

Go for it! I never knew that owning an appliance repair business would be a part of my future, but the business systems provided by Mr. Appliance made my success possible. It was hard for me to go wrong with the support of the Mr. Appliance franchise processes and systems.

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