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September / October 2012

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Moving On...and Up

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As veterans tell their stories about relocating back into civilian life, you may glean some good advice. Ted Williams' story begins with paperwork: No clerk knew how to process the appropriate forms when he got out. “I knew how to do it, so I ended up processing myself, and the guys I was with, out of the Army,” he said.

Several hours later, Williams was in Illinois, shopping for the groceries for Christmas dinner with his wife.

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Relocate for Your Dream Job?

You hear of a perfect job. It fits your skill set and promises attractive career advancement opportunities. The only problem is that you have to relocate. After a military career flush with multiple Permanent Change of Stations, are you willing to pull up stakes again? Should you be?

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Application forms

The subject of my column this month is the application form. Although many companies treat them as a formality, you would be ill-advised to do the same. Documents such as resumes, cover letters, thank-you letters, writing samples, and application forms continue to be both useful and expected. Like all mechanical preparations, paperwork only becomes an issue when done improperly or left undone.

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veteran relocation stories

Military Spouse Series: Mission Transition - Settling into civilian style

The Big Move.” It almost echoes off the page. You’ve finally done it or you’re about to do it. In either case, you can count on the actual transition continuing well past the time the movers pull out of your driveway. To help you and your family members adjust, this issue’s Mission Transition offers you these timely transition tips.

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Ask the Recruiter

What questions do your peers have about the military transition and job search process? Here is this month's question:

Q: I will be transitioning out in the next nine months and I wanted to know a little more about the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Can I only use if for college and, if I don’t use it, can I transfer any of the benefits to my son?

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Transitioning A to Z

In the upcoming issues of CJN, we will be listing everything a service member needs to know about transitioning, from A to Z.

This month, we move on to "B".

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