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Transitioning A to Z: "G" and "H"

by Military Transition News Staff

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In upcoming issues of Military Transition News, we will be listing everything a service member needs to know about transitioning, from A to Z.

This month, we tackle “G” and “H”.

“G”: Goals, Game, Gain

As you begin to transition, set your Goals beginning 18 months prior to separation. The goals will be likely to change, so it is important to make a fluid checklist and stay focused. Goals are separated into long and short term opportunities, and then add the End Game - Job Gain - as the target. To facilitate your end game - gaining employment - you can create a checklist or a diagram with gaining employment in the middle and your goals listed separately. Suggestions for goals around the target include:

GOAL: Determine job sector(s)

GOAL: Identify two or three locations in which to live

GOAL: Research companies

GOAL: Set up professional social media accounts and emails

GOAL: Create resume(s)

GOAL: Find potential networks, i.e. LinkedIn groups; no-fee, non-handcuff career placement services; veterans groups; chamber of commerce; etc.

“H”: Humor, Honor, Handled

Humor is the best weapon any of us have against the daily grind. Rest assured, there are hundreds of organizations working to help veterans find jobs, but there are no assurances. Transitioning military are Honored for the sacrifices they have made and the skills they have gained, something that is unique to you. You are in a class and position all your own. As you work to gain civilian employment, don’t forget that you offer something that other candidates do not. Be confident. Ask questions. Be brilliant and you’ll get it Handled. If you aren’t the right fit, address it with a bit of good humor and a positive attitude and move on to your next interview.


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