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The 2011 Top 40 Under 40 Military

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Bristol Hartlage

LT, U.S. Navy

Obsolescence Engineer, GA-ESI

Bristol Hartlage does design for General Atomics Electronics Systems, Inc., working on the radiation monitoring systems at nuclear power plants around the world. Hartlage’s performance as a nuclear watch officer, as well as a surface warfare officer, was recognized in 2008, when she was handpicked as the recruiting poster officer. Additionally, she finished the Great Wall of China Marathon sixth in her age group in May 2011.

Brian Hawthorne

SSG, U.S. Army

Consultant, CALIBRE Systems

Brian Hawthorne serves in a variety of ways, from volunteering with the rural poor in Appalachia, to using his experiences as a returning soldier to advocate for student veterans. A consultant for CALIBRE Systems, Hawthorne is helping the DoD educate wounded warriors. As a combat medic paratrooper in Iraq, he saved his friend’s life under fire, receiving the Bronze Star for heroism.

Haney D. Hong

LT, U.S. Navy

MPP student, Harvard University

Haney D. Hong’s father served in the Korean Army, and his grandfather was a colonel in the Korean Air Force. After Hong’s parents emigrated from South Korea, he decided to join the Navy. Following his service, he’s pursued a Master’s in Public Policy at the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government and also participated in the Harvard Kennedy School Dukakis Fellowship. He led cross-agency teams to accomplish the agenda of N.Y. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.

Denise M. Johnson

SFC, U.S. Army

Logistics Specialist

Growing up, SFC Denise M. Johnson could have gone “down the wrong path with gangs, or even worse,” she says. But at the advice of a younger brother also serving in the military, she chose the Army. She’s a logistics specialist, and her goal is to become Sergeant Major of the Army. Johnson is pursuing a degree in Sports Management and Environmental Management and wants to obtain a Master’s in Intelligence Studies.

Timothy Kerrigan

PO1, U.S. Navy

Radiological Controls Technician Trainer

Timothy Kerrigan is responsible for training activities all over the country in the art of radiological controls. Kerrigan has completed both his Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology and Master’s in Business Administration while on active duty. During his time at the Naval Submarine Base in New London, people thought of him as the “go-to guy for many complex evolutions,” says Brandon J. McElhinny, who served with him.

Aaron Kletzing

CPT, U.S. Army

MBA student, Harvard University

Aaron Kletzing began graduate classes at Harvard this fall. Brian M. Sweigart, former company commander in Iraq, rated him as the most qualified officer throughout his service in 2nd Brigade 25th ID. During four months in 2008, Kletzing successfully managed the funding and reconstruction of a city of more than one million residents. He also has volunteered with Special Olympics, Big Brothers and the Chicago Public Schools Office of Performance Management.

Robert W. Madel II

LT, U.S. Navy

Business Consultant, Eze Castle Software

Robert W. Madel II is a business consultant for Eze Castle Software, providing consultation on best workflows to use the system. During his service in the Navy, Madel had mission-critical jobs. While stationed as the supply officer onboard the USS KENTUCKY, Madel conducted a complex mathematical analysis with 100 percent accuracy, and as a result, reduced inventory levels by 2,000 items and saved $1 million.

Bryan Maynard

Sgt., U.S. Marine Corps

Information Assurance (IA) Technician

Marine Sgt. Bryan Maynard assists in developing and enforcing IA policies and conducting network defense activities. “His efforts are critical for the command to maintain a high state of network-defense readiness,” says Maj. Ismael Alcala, Marine Forces Command in Norfolk, Va. During his first tour, Maynard was one of the youngest ever to become the Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge of an operational planning shop.

Carl M. Mersman III

SrA, U.S. Air Force

B.S. student, DeVry University

Robert Cooper was an Air Force veteran and had been disappointed he didn’t have a son to follow his footsteps. So his grandson, Carl M. Mersman III, enlisted in the Air Force before Cooper died. “I felt it would give him a sense of completion if I followed that dream for him,” Mersman says. Mersman “flawlessly performed” the duties of a dedicated crew chief on the F-15C/D Eagle, says Maj. John M. Jacobus, his former commanding officer. Today, Mersman is a 4.0 GPA student.

William R. Monk

LT, U.S. Navy

Project Manager, GE Performance Services

William Monk executes multimillion dollar contracts for conversions, modifications and upgrades to utility scale generators worldwide. Previously, he participated in GE’s Junior Officer Leadership Program, a special program for uniquely qualified former military officers starting their GE careers. Monk also continues to serve the U.S. Navy as a Submarine Officer Reservist.


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