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November / December 2011

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Announcing the Top 40 Under 40 Military Class of 2011 - The resolve of Navy PO2 Richard Walsh speaks loudly. He’s an inventor who has put forth solutions to save the Department of Defense (DoD) billions of tax dollars. As an enlisted Naval service member, Walsh wants other veterans to know their military rank means nothing in the big scheme of making a difference in the world.

For more on Richard Walsh and the other Top 40 Under 40 Military honorees, including profiles and pictures, continue reading the story at the link above. Did you serve with any of the recipients?

A-Hard; Hart-Mo; Mu-R; S-Z

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Military Placement Firms "Dos" and "Don'ts"

If you've considered using a military placement firm to augment your career search, you may have questions. What's the catch? Is it really free? How do I choose who to work with? Tom Wolfe is here to answer all your questions in his Career Coach's Corner article.

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Distinguishing yourself

We’ve all seen them: those individuals to whom everyone is attracted, be it for challenging missions, professional counsel or even personal advice. So how do you become one of them...and distinguish yourself from the rest of your fellow soldiers, officers and competing job seekers in the civilian workforce?

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Top Ten Military Transition Tips

When it comes to your military-to-civilian transition, it can be easy to overlook an important step. With this in mind, be sure to check off these ten tips as “done,” and you will likely be on your way to a successful civilian career.

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Military Transition Assistance Programs: Advice from the Trenches

Pete Johnson of Northeast Florida’s “WorkSource” says of military transitions, “I’m living them daily!” His average day consists of a barrage of calls and emails from transitioning service members and veterans seeking either transition or employment assistance. Counseling these clients one-on-one is his true passion. Here is his advice.

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The Top Eight Foolish Military Money Moves

Did you know that overloading yourself with debt can cost you your security clearance? I didn't! June Walbert tell us that if you don't avoid these foolish military money moves, bad things can happen to good people.

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Publisher’s Letter: Where has the year gone?

While 2011 has flown by, it hasn't stopped Civilian Job News from closing out the year with a feature-packed issue. Bill Basnett relates his thoughts on the Top 40 Under 40 Military as well as the other timely topics that are relevant to today’s transitioning military personnel.

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