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Military-Friendly Employer Spotlight: G4S Wackenhut

G4S Wackenhut is the leading provider of quality, customer-focused security solutions in the United States. With over 35,000 employees, G4S Wackenhut delivers unrivaled integrated security and related services to a growing number of organizations including governmental agencies, health care facilities, educational and financial institutions.

G4S Wackenhut's ability to provide excellent service is directly tied to our exceptional employees. Our programs for recruiting, hiring and developing transitioning military personnel and veterans are an integral part of our company's strategic plan. These individuals come to us carefully vetted by the military and highly trained in the very skills that we need to exceed customer expectations. Veterans are focused leaders and team players who are professional, educated and adaptable, which makes them a perfect fit for G4S Wackenhut.

We have numerous opportunities for veterans throughout our organization. Our elite Custom Protection Officer Division was created with the U.S. Armed Forces in mind. This program uses prior military service as a qualifier for employment, with consideration for Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) such as M.P., Combat Arms, Security Forces, Special Operations, or career military.

Other veteran-focused initiatives include Operation Smooth Transition, our training and placement program for officers and senior enlisted separating from military service provides a fast track to full-time employment in operations management within the physical security industry for military personnel who have had leadership roles in personnel management, operations, recruiting and other fields, and wish to apply their military experience to a related civilian occupation.

G4S Wackenhut is also a partner with the U.S. Army's Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program, which provides America's youth with an opportunity to serve their country while they prepare for their future.

G4S Wackenhut is a military-friendly employer because their primary source for the best people has consistently been the U.S. military. While we focus on recruiting the best, we also work hard to ensure that our newly hired veterans remain at the top of their game.

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