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Announcing the 2011 Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military® winners (Continued)

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Most Valuable Employers for Military companies: A-D; F-P; S-W

Fluor Corporation: Fluor offers wide-ranging opportunities for military candidates, with jobs like project management, engineering and construction-related activities, says Becca Webb, HR Specialist. Fluor works with governments and multi-national companies to design, build and maintain many of the world’s most complex capital projects. Fluor recruits for places ranging from Afghanistan to Peru. During the past 12 months, Fluor has hired more than 1,100 veterans, including a significant number of Junior Military Officers. The Texas Veterans Leadership Program and Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas recognized Fluor recently. Fluor recruiters attended 15 military job fairs between September 2009 and August 2010 and intend to participate in more than 30 in 2011. Fluor offers various programs such as Fluor University, which has continuing education courses for all employees. (, and

G4S Secure Solutions (USA): As customers’ needs increase in complexity for G4S Secure Solutions, so does the need for additional highly-qualified military-experienced talent, says Lee Achord, Vice President, Talent Management. In particular, the company’s “elite” Custom Protection Officer Division was created with the U.S. Armed Forces in mind. It uses prior military service as a qualifier for employment, with consideration for Military Occupational Specialties such as Military Police, Combat Arms, Special Forces, Special Operations or career military. There are also needs for other MOSs. The company attends 50 military job fairs nationwide and has a dedicated military recruiter. It has also participated in the Army PaYS for many years. More than 25 percent of employees are former U.S. military. (

General Electric: General Electric employs more than 10,000 U.S. veterans, and one in 14 GE employees is a veteran, says Dave Ferguson, Manager, Military Staffing and Recruiting. Enlisted vets with technical skills go into the Field Service Program, and those without technical skills go into the Shops and Ops Program. For those using educational benefits, GE recruits veterans for the Campus Leadership Programs. GE also offers the Junior Officer Leadership Program for officers and is hiring JMOs for various leadership positions nationwide. Senior officers go into key leadership positions. In October 2007, the GE Foundation announced a two-year $1.5 million grant to Disabled American Veterans. It followed up with a $250,000 donation that December. In addition, GE has donated more than $1.5 million to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, Medal of Honor Foundation, Air Force Memorial Foundation, Air Force Museum, Marine Corps Museum, the Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund and the Vietnam Vets Wives. ( and

Halfaker and Associates, LLC: Halfaker’s competency of providing support to homeland security and defense “requires clearly-defined and highly-skilled Subject Matter Experts (SMEs),” says Rebecca Holloman, Director of Marketing. “Specifically, we are looking for SMEs who are able to provide support in the areas of force protection, antiterrorism, emergency management and CBRN defense.” Jobs are in Washington, D.C.; Northern Virginia; Ft. Knox, Ky.; Norfolk, Va.; Roanoke, Va.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Chicago, Ill.; Seattle, Wash.; Japan, Guam and Afghanistan. Halfaker developed a Wounded Warrior Employment Program in 2009. Besides employment, the program provides mentorship opportunities and sponsors various Veterans Employment Programs. In 2011, the company will recruit via Transition Assistance Programs, military job fairs and maintaining connections with groups like Wounded Warriors and Hire Heroes USA. (

ManTech International Corporation: ManTech provides technologies and solutions for mission-critical national security programs. The company employs more than 10,000 professionals in 40 countries, half of whom are military veterans or active reservists. ManTech hired more than 4,000 employees in 2010, and 50 percent of those also were military, says Amy Gooen, Vice President of Communications. More than 1,900 of its staff is overseas with customers. “In fact, 88 percent of ManTech’s overseas staff works side-by-side with U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq,” she says. ManTech is looking to fill up to 800 positions across its estimated 300 locations in 40 countries worldwide. ManTech has four employee support programs: orientation sessions, mentoring/networking, “ConstantCare” (for family members during an employee’s absence), and ManTech University. (

Navy Federal Credit Union: For more than 77 years, Navy Federal has employed military-experienced talent to serve its members. In a recent employee survey, 75 percent of responders reported some type of military affiliation, says Jane Garten, Senior Communications Specialist, Employee Communications. “A candidate with prior service in the military is a natural fit with our organization,” she says. Recruiting occurs naturally, because Navy Fed’s campuses are primarily where there is a high concentration of military personnel. The credit union also works closely with recruiting groups such as the Army Reserve Partnership Program, among many others. Navy Fed also fosters careers. In 2009, 2010, and 2011, Training magazine named it a Training Top 125 Company for its commitment to learning and development excellence. (

Northrop Grumman Corporation: “Military-experienced candidates É have the ability to make significant contributions to our development of cutting-edge technology for our government and civil customers worldwide,” says Laurie Palmquist, Manager, Corporate Talent Acquisition. The company is in all 50 states, plus 25 countries. One unique recruiting effort is Operation IMPACT (Injured Military Pursuing Assisted Career Transition). Northrop Grumman works with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs-Vocational and Employment Counselors at the Washington, D.C., Veterans’ Hospital. The counselors identify wounded soldiers that qualify for support under Operation IMPACT. Through December 2010, 85 Operation IMPACT employees were hired, and during the last year, approximately 16 percent of new hires were veterans. Northrop Grumman also recruits via targeted advertising campaigns, participation in military-experienced job fairs and assignment of business-specific military recruiters. (

Paychex, Inc.: Paychex offers an ever-growing variety of payroll and human resource products and has more than 100 locations nationwide, serving more than a half-million businesses. “Veterans are a cross-section of our society and genuinely reflect the people who live and work in our communities,” says Laura Sharps, Recruiting Support Specialist. “Our continued participation in Stand Downs, Yellow Ribbon Programs, military job fairs and building of relationships inside military bases helps us to further expand our presence as we recruit military candidates.” Paychex has hundreds of open positions, from entry-level customer service and Information Technology, to sales and management positions. Besides job fairs, Paychex has a relationship with Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces and a Military Committee further enhances military recruiting efforts. (

Progressive Insurance Company: Progressive has made considerable efforts in educating its recruiting team on reaching those with previous military experience, says Christopher Humlicek, Talent Acquisition Manager. In 2007, the company started a “Sourcing Center of Excellence” and one focus area was attracting military talent. Since then, Progressive has supported training for its entire National Employment Team. Progressive attended five military job fairs in 2010 and expects to continue attending in 2011. Progressive currently has more than 1,200 employees with previous military experience, representing more than 5 percent of the employee population. The company is also working on an employee resource group for military employees. (

Puget Sound Energy: Utilities are a highly-regulated industry. Puget Sound Energy finds that military-trained personnel blend well with that culture, says Rachael Brown, Senior Recruiter. “Their interpersonal skills and technical training are huge assets to PSE, and because of this, we actively seek out military to fill many of our positions,” Brown says. The company fills positions throughout the Washington State region, with the majority at HQ. Managers do TAP Employer Day presentations, work with Hire America’s Heroes and also attend locally-based military-focused career fairs. “We tend to focus on the local market, as the Puget Sound region has a unique climate. So we look for those and those interested in living in the area first,” Brown says. (

Most Valuable Employers for Military companies: A-D; F-P; S-W

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