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Announcing the 2013 Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military® St-X
by Heidi Lynn Russell, Contributing Editor

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Company profiles: A-C, D-J, L-Sp, St-X

Below, please find employer profiles of the 2013 MVEs. The brief snapshots capture some of the highlights regarding why these employers of military veterans were recognized as winners, and why they are companies worth seeking out if you are a military-experienced job seeker.


Stage 3 Separation, LLC. “When your mission is critical” (Houston, TX): “It is a great privilege to have a company that will take a veteran with little or no experience, and train you and bring you into the Stage 3 Family, and allow you to better yourself and your family,” says Jason Woods,
a field technician and Marine veteran at Stage 3 Separation. This company specializes in high-quality solid control equipment and services to the oil industry. Stage 3 provides training to make the transition easier for military members, says Matt Medford, veteran liaison officer, recruiting/hiring/training manager. Stage 3 Separation works with multiple government agencies, military bases and non-profits to recruit veterans.

Sunbelt Rentals (Fort Mill, SC): Veterans who are mechanics, drivers and managers can find a place at Sunbelt Rentals, says Corrie Harrell, recruiter, Sunbelt Rentals. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ashtead Group and one of the largest equipment rental companies in the United States. Sunbelt recruits via military job boards, hiring conferences and military job fairs. Sunbelt Rentals also provides plenty of training support once veterans are on board, Harrell says. “We know that going from a military background to the civilian world can be a struggle, so, however we can assist our military employees with on the job training, and we will do so.”


The GEO Group, Inc. (Boca Raton, FL): Since 2004, The GEO Group has hired 3,975 veterans. “We are consistently improving our [recruiting] practices,” says Nichole Adamson, Manager, National Recruitment. GEO is the world’s leading provider of correctional and detention management and community reentry services to federal, state and local government agencies. This year, the company is launching the website,, to allow exclusive access to veteran benefits, awards, recognition and jobs matched to military titles. GEO hires in the areas of administration, management, healthcare and food service. The company recruits via military publications, Recruit Military and Hire Heroes events, as well as through GEO’s dedicated URL for veterans.


TMC Transportation (Des Moines, IA): As the transportation industry’s premier flatbed carrier, TMC touts its “integrity, innovation, highly-trained drivers, impeccably maintained late-model equipment, superior safety record and unwavering dedication to quality and customer service.” So veterans are essential to TMC’s employment force, says Cheryl Freauff, recruiting manager. The company has a full-time military recruiter and a VA-approved apprenticeship program. TMC has a state-of-the-art training center and provides fast-track training for transitioning veterans with a transportation MOS. TMC pledged to hire 500 veterans by 2014 in conjunction with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce “Hiring Our Heroes” program.


Triple Canopy, Inc. (Reston, VA): Triple Canopy supports critical programs in austere locations worldwide. “We have always and will continue to seek military-experienced talent in 2013 because of the challenging work we perform and the complex regions we perform it in,” says Katy Pultz, marketing communications supervisor. U.S. Army Special Forces veterans founded Triple Canopy in 2003. Candidates need extensive experience in military combat arms, military special operations, military police, security police or security force management, and law enforcement. At least 85 percent of personnel are required to maintain specialized certifications. In 2012, 88 percent of new hires were veterans.


Troops to Teachers-Kentucky (Frankfort, KY): Troops to Teachers (TTT) is a federally funded program that assists eligible veterans in transitioning to a public school teaching career in “high-need” schools. Veterans are needed in Kentucky public school classrooms, says Wayne A. Eccles Jr., state program coordinator. “Veterans make great role models. Veterans bring both academic and life experience into the classroom,” he says. TTT offers information on job openings, coaches veterans and provides resume assistance. Staff offers briefings to Transition Assistance Programs at all
Kentucky military installations and attends job fairs for Hire Our Heroes, Yellow Ribbon and events. and


United Rentals, Inc. (Greenwich, CT): United Rentals was founded in 1997 and has become the world’s largest equipment rental provider. It deploys over $7 billion of fleet through more than 850 branches, a centralized reservation service and online capabilities. The company is supporting veterans this year through Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities (ECAD), says Ruth Somoza, Human Resources Generalist. ECAD trains dogs to assist disabled Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Six percent of new hires in 2012 were veterans; 15 percent are in management roles. United Rentals has participated in several job fairs, such as Bradley-Morris, Hire a Hero, Be a Hero virtual career fair and Recruit Military.


University of Phoenix (Phoenix, AZ): Many University of Phoenix students are active duty, veterans, or military spouses. “To support them, we have a military division comprised of military veterans to serve as advisors and counselors who speak the same language and understand their needs,” says Garland Williams, associate regional vice president. Since 2002, the Military Division has assisted about 68,450 military students. The University also sponsors military events and provides scholarships. Darryl L. Jones, is retired Army and now a military enrollment advisor. He notes, “The benefit of working for University of Phoenix is that it provides an opportunity to work with a group of like-minded professionals.”


URS Federal Services (Germantown, MD): Veterans are familiar with URS, because employees work hand-in-hand with organizations that support them. “Some of this is through corporate-sponsored programs such as Adopt-A-Platoon or a gold-level sponsorship for the annual Crane Honor Ride/National Ride 2 Recovery, and sponsorship of Veterans of Foreign Wars events,” says Marian Hyder, Vice President of Talent Management. URS Federal Services is a division of URS Corp., an engineering, construction and technical services organization. Thirty-seven percent of employees are veterans. In 2012, 47 percent of hires were veterans; 4 percent were disabled. A recruiting team devotes 80 percent of its time to targeting veterans for hire.

USAA (San Antonio, TX): USAA provides a full range of financial products and services to the military and their families. “USAA realizes that one of the best ways to serve our membership is to employ those with the same common life and career experiences,” says Nick Herrera, senior communications partner. In 2012, 25.8 percent of all hires were veterans and their spouses. The recruiting team, consisting of more than 50 veterans, strengthens relationships with USAA members through a wide variety of venues. These include MWR/Service-sponsored activities, National Guard/Reserve Family Days, air shows, service academy visits, yellow ribbon events, national conventions, job fairs and conferences.


Verizon Communications, Inc. (New York, NY): “Verizon’s desire is to add qualified veterans in our corporate offices, retail stores and network locations,” says Emilia Williams-Gaston, Manager of Leadership and Talent Management. In 2012, Verizon launched a series of recruiting efforts to attract military service members and veterans: a Military Installation pilot to develop relationships with transition offices on key bases across the country; established a Veterans Transition Program; worked on increasing the Verizon employment brand effectively in veteran communities; and launched a military “Skills Matcher” on the Verizon Careers website. The company also developed educational forums for hiring managers.


Waste Management, Inc. (Houston, TX): Waste Management gets involved in many local community projects relating to veterans, says Wes Reel, staffing manager. “Recently, we had many employees volunteer to build houses for vets through a joint Home Depot/Habitat for Humanity project. In addition to our volunteerism, we donated $10,000,” adds Reel. Waste Management partners with customers and communities to manage and reduce waste from collection to disposal while recovering valuable resources and creating clean, renewable energy. In 2012, veteran hiring reached an all-time high of 600. “This exceeded our previous high by over 20 percent,” Reel says. The company has more than 3,500 veteran employees.


Whelan Security (St. Louis): Employees with military experience easily transition into the culture at Whelan Security, a privately owned company that provides outsourced and contract security staffing services. “We actively recruit for positions in 24 branch locations across the United States,” says Allison Galanti, Director of Human Capital and Human Resource Services. Veterans make up 20 percent of their workforce. To recruit, local branches partner with military bases, military career fairs and/or career centers, as well as key contacts. “We also attend numerous BMI, Orion, and other JMO conferences by different organizations to target our needs for our Leadership Development Program,” adds Galanti.


Xcel Energy (Minneapolis, MN): Xcel Energy provides a portfolio of energy-related products and services to 3.4 million electricity customers and 1.9 million natural gas customers in eight states. The company will fill 2,000 jobs in 2013. By 2021, it predicts that 75 percent of its workforce will turn over due to retirements and natural attrition, says Shelly Giroir-Johnson, Consultant, Inclusion and Engagement. Xcel has invested in an employee network group called “Military Ombudsmen for Veterans and Employees,” which focuses on development, implementation and communication of programs and policies centered on the welfare of veterans. Xcel is developing processes to help new military-experienced employees acclimate to their new working environment.

Company profiles: A-C, D-J, L-Sp, St-X

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