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United States Army Veteran Leads The Way As Coverall Franchised Business Owner
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The Story of Veteran and Coverall Franchised Business Owner, Martel Brown

“If you told me 20 years ago that I’d own a business and work for myself, I’d probably laugh,” said Martel Brown, United States Army Veteran and former infantry soldier.


Like many other military veterans, Brown has a story to tell, one that includes a lifelong relationship with the girl of his dreams, being deployed overseas, the blessing of children and grandchildren, and the chance to live the American Dream as a business owner. Everything he does, or has done, meets the definition of commitment. After all, he spent seven years in the Army, is coming up on 27 years of marriage and has been a business owner for 15 years.


“My wife Tara and I met in fifth grade,” said Martel. “We’ve been together ever since.”


This engrained sense of commitment stuck with Martel as he and Tara continued their journey through school and into adulthood. That’s when Martel entered the United States Army. It put him on a path, not only to his future, but a future with his soon-to-be wife. They progressed on the journey together, at first with Martel overseas while Tara was back home. After seven years of active duty, the time had come to move forward, out of the military and into the business world. But what would he do? How would he make the transition from veteran to new husband, father and working man?


Fresh out of the service, Martel worked part time for a friend who owned a franchised commercial cleaning business. It was during this time that he found the answer and before long, realized he could do this on his own with the right opportunity and support. He found both in Coverall.


“I chose Coverall without hesitation,” said Brown. “After researching other commercial cleaning franchisors, I felt Coverall offered more support and training with a smaller investment.” He continued, “They also offered a Veteran discount when other franchisors didn’t.”


Today, along with his wife and business partner, Brown relies on the dedication and discipline he learned in the Army to help him run his business, MTB Services LLC, based in York, South Carolina.


“After 15 years in business, my wife and I look back on the moment we realized we could do this and laugh to ourselves – we did it!”


Q: How has your military background been of service to you as a business owner?

A: My military background has come into play quite often. Owning a business is a 24/7 commitment. There are days you’d like to have off, but being in the military taught discipline, dedication and hard work. You need all three to run a business.


Q: What advice would you give a fellow veteran just starting their business?

A: Be patient. Learn everything you can about the services you provide so you can give your customers everything they need to be fully satisfied. And always leave a good impression no matter what. Small things like this can help you earn new customers and keep current ones.


Q: Would you recommend a Coverall franchised business to your fellow veterans? Why?

A: Yes, I would recommend Coverall to a fellow veteran because Coverall is a veteran-friendly company. And it gives veteran discounts for the start-up of a Coverall franchised commercial cleaning business.


Military veteran today, business owner tomorrow. You have what it takes. Call 800.537.3371 or visit today.


For 30 years, Coverall has been a leading franchised brand in the commercial cleaning industry. With more than 8,000 franchised business owners in 90 markets across the globe, veterans from all branches of the military have fulfilled their American Dream as Coverall business owners.


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