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Announcing The 2015 Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military® El-Fr
by Heidi Lynn Russell, Contributing Editor

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Below and on the pages that follow, please find employer profiles of the 2015 MVEs. The brief snapshots capture some of the highlights regarding why these military-friendly companies were recognized as winners, and why they are employers worth seeking out if you are a military-experienced job seeker.


Eli Lilly and Company (Indianapolis, IN):  Eli Lilly is the only major U.S. pharmaceutical company founded by a U.S. military veteran. The company takes a number of proactive steps to recruit veterans, including attending military career fairs and participating in the Operation Hire a Hoosier Vet event. Eli Lilly is also a partner with Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve/Indiana Army National Guard Employment Coordination Program. Eli Lilly’s Veterans Leadership Network sponsors an event called Boss Lift. The program gives supervisors and senior leaders the opportunity to experience military service through simulation and experiential learning. In addition, the company offers specific training for members of employee resource groups to assist in training and retaining veterans.




Enterprise Holdings (St. Louis, MO):  Enterprise’s commitment to the military goes back nearly six decades. The company is named after the USS Enterprise, an aircraft carrier on which the company founder, Jack Taylor, served during World War II. In 2013, nearly 2,000 veterans and Reservists launched careers with the company. Last year, the company updated its military recruitment website with content from current employees who are veterans. More than 10 percent of all employees are veterans. Enterprise also has an online internal resource group for employees with military experience. It has developed training tools about recruiting the military for its talent acquisition team and hiring managers.




Epes Transport System Inc. (Greensboro, NC):  Army veteran Eddison Cyrus, a Driver Recruiter at Epes Transport System Inc., says the company culture reflects military values of “high morale, integrity and selfless service.” He adds, “Epes is constantly creating opportunities for myself as well as other employees to go further in whatever career path that they may choose.” Epes offers an apprenticeship program, in which veterans can receive on-the-job training while receiving G.I. Bill benefits. “Our goal last year was to increase our veteran hires, and we succeeded by a 50 percent-plus growth,” says Melissa Nishan, Director of Recruiting. In 2012, six percent of hires were veterans; by 2013, that number had jumped to 12 percent.




Exelon Corp. (Chicago, IL):  Exelon, one of the largest competitive U.S. power generators, also has a powerful outreach to veterans. “The company has 18 sites approved for the On-The-Job Training Program, which allows veterans to learn a trade or skill,” says Griffin Goldin, Senior Analyst, National and Strategic Programs. In 2014, Exelon attended 47 military recruiting events, and the company plans to increase the number of events it attends this year. Exelon also targets military candidates for the Cornerstone Program, a comprehensive developmental training initiative for leadership personnel. The company’s military employee resource group, Exelon Militaries Actively Connected, was instrumental in acquiring more than 10 percent of new hires with military backgrounds in 2014.




FDM Group (New York, NY):  “FDM Group finds that a large number of veterans possess a high aptitude for Information Technology,” says Monica Hogan, U.S. Marketing Team Lead. In the FDM Academy, veterans quickly learn and adapt to the technical systems and programs used by a large number of FDM clients. Once trained, employees go onsite with clients nationwide. FDM worked closely with the VA to review training curriculum. As a result, eligible veterans are able to use generous education support benefits (including their G.I. Bill) while receiving intensive IT training. FDM sponsors organizations that include the United War Veterans Council, Veterans on Wall Street, Army Week and Wall Street Rocks for the Veterans.




Frontier Communications (Stamford, CT):  “Frontier Bootcamp is Frontier Communications’ specific training for all Human Resources, recruiters and hiring managers when it comes to bringing veterans on board,” says Gregg Barratt, AVP, Veterans Affairs. Thirteen percent of Frontier’s workforce is former military. “In recruiting, we emphasize our three pillars for Veterans Affairs: Recruitment and Retention, Veteran Recognition, and Veteran Community Engagement,” he says. The company supports veteran employees with a veteran intern program, a veteran mentoring program (matching new employees with existing Frontier veterans) and a work-at-home program for veterans and military spouses for customer service roles. Frontier received numerous ESGR awards throughout 2014 and is a member of the 100,000 Jobs Mission.


Company profiles: A-Ar, Ba-Ca, Ca-Cs, D-Ed, El-Fr, G-Hu, I-La, Le-Na, Na-So, So-Tr,U-US, We-X


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