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Announcing the The 2012 Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military®

by Heidi Russell Rafferty, Contributing Editor

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Company profiles: A-C, D-M, N-Se, So-W

It’s true that 2012’s Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military are military-friendly, participate in extensive recruiting efforts to hire veterans, develop special partnerships with groups like Hire a Hero, and offer intensive mentoring and training programs for new veteran employees. But ask veterans what makes their new employer stand out, they’ll tell you it’s the little things companies have done for them, those memorable acts of kindness that make all the difference.

military friendly companiesVerizon activated its Emergency Military Leave policy after 9/11. Employees called up for active duty receive salary and benefits far beyond provisions of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. During John G. Shaw’s deployment, senior executives contacted his wife regularly, and his Verizon team members stopped by the home to check in on her. On one of these checks, they found his wife and two of his four children very ill. They quickly put together a plan to bring meals to the home for three days, and assisted the family with groceries and medical care.

Sometimes, a company just demonstrates a can-do, supportive attitude with deployments. To veterans, that means the world, says Barry Engelhardt, a client service manager at Whelan Security. As a Staff Sergeant with 13 years of military tenure, he’s faced multiple deployments.

“From spending a couple of weeks on flood duty in April of 2011, to a year-long combat deployment in Afghanistan in 2008-2009, Whelan went above and beyond to ensure that I could fully concentrate on preparing my soldiers for combat,” said Engelhardt.

Military-friendly companies recognize the value that military experiences offer for employees in leadership roles. Ricky James is divisional vice president of Logistics Operations, at Sears Holdings Corporation.

“In my assessment, it has some of the most creative and knowledgeable leaders in the business world today,” says James. “[Sears] is pro-military and thrives on innovation, improvement and recognition of individual accomplishments.”

To the many MVEs who hire veterans as part of their HR model, we thank you. Congratulations to the 2012 MVEs for ensuring that your corporate culture honors those who have served.

Company profiles: A-C, D-M, N-Se, So-W

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Freelancer Heidi Russell Rafferty is a reporter with 19 years of experience who writes about employment and business issues.

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