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March / April 2011

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Top 40 under 40 Military Spotlight: Brent Vogt

Since leaving the military in 2006, Brent Vogt has taken the leadership lessons he learned in the service to build a successful career in corporate America. He has worked as a field engineer for a construction firm, project managed additions to an ethanol plant, launched a personal hygiene business, inspected Afghan National Army and Police buildings for the U.S. Corps of Engineers, performed management consulting for a nuclear power plant – and today, is working in Spain in management consulting for an Information Technology organization.

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Ten Steps to a Successful Military Job Fair

Attending a job fair can be an integral part of the military-to-civilian transition. But in order for a job fair to be successful you will need to be prepared. In this issue, Heidi Russell Rafferty provides ten steps you can take before, during and after the job fair.

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You’re in For…What?

Transitioning into civilian life is a big step. You will need to figure out how to succeed in a work environment with less structure, few signs of rank and company policies tinged with shades of gray.

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From the Blog: A “(Dys)Functional” Resume Could Kill Your Job Search

The last thing you want employers to do is trash your resume because of the format. In this article, you’ll find how to avoid a serious resume pitfall.

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Career Coach's Corner: The Right Job For You?

Finding a post-military job can be a difficult but finding the RIGHT job can be downright challenge. In this issue’s Career Coach’s Corner, Tom Wolfe provides advice and five standards you can use to compare each job opportunity that comes your way.  

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Life Insurance Myths

When the subject of life insurance pops up, it’s easy to get confused. These tips from USAA will help you understand some of the myths – and facts – about life insurance

Publisher’s Letter

Civilian Job News publisher, Bill Basnett, explains the importance of education and training in the military-to-civilian transition.


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