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Start Your Engines: Jobs in Auto Manufacturing Abound

by Heidi Lynn Russell, Contributing Editor

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Finding Your Dream Job in Auto Manufacturing

A job is more than your daily tasks – it’s also about your work environment. Auto manufacturers agree that when seeking a job in their industry, it’s important for veterans to understand a potential employer’s mission and values – and also to ensure that they offer the support to the transitioning military community.

takes “extraordinary measures” to protect job security. “So while some other manufacturing companies have frequent layoffs, Toyota has avoided them,” Daly says.

The company also provides several training courses for new team members to transition to their role, including classroom and hands-on training. In addition, most new members are paired with a peer for several weeks to help familiarize them with Toyota’s systems and practices.

When Tesla hires veterans, it gives them access to a Veterans Program mailing list, which includes information about events and activities for vets. Tesla holds an annual Veterans Day celebration and other activities throughout the year as well.

Tesla’s corporate culture focuses on the potential for growth and advancement. “Employees don’t necessarily need to stay in the same field as their current role and have the freedom to explore other career paths as long as they have the skills and experience required,” Georgeson says.

Nissan has an employee-led “business synergy team” that is specifically designed for veterans and veteran supporters. The team provides an opportunity for veterans to mentor and support one another, as well as give back to veterans in the community.

Turner advises job seekers to use this as a litmus test for how an employer values and supports veterans:

“Look for employers that are recognized by the Veterans Administration, ESGR or other military organizations. In November 2013, Nissan affirmed its support for National Guard and Reserve employees in Franklin, TN where the executive leadership team publically signed a ‘Statement of Support’ for employees in the armed services,” she says.

Heidi Lynn Russell writes about employment and business issues.

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