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Your Personal Brand Matters Most!

by Lida Citroën, Contributing Writer

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Preparing To Transition From The Battlefield


Today’s veterans are preparing to transition from the battlefield back to civilian life in record numbers. And the tools, landscape and resources they need to become competitive and relevant in a civilian job are more challenging than ever. The internet, increased competition and emphasis on likability and “culture” fit mean that today’s veteran needs a strong personal brand in addition to relevant skills and experience.

While it might seem natural to focus on your résumé, in my many years working with transitioning veterans, the most powerful impact and success comes from understanding YOU - the person, individual and future employee.

As you transition to your next career, particularly if you are targeting a job in the civilian sector, you will soon realize the importance of presenting a powerful personal brand. Your personal brand is your reputation, your legacy and your most valuable asset. Today, it is critical that you direct and manage your reputation in person and online, and live your core values (walk the talk) even before you re-write your résumé.

What is a Personal Brand?

While a résumé is a reflection of the work you’ve done in the past - your accomplishments, skills and certifications - your personal brand sets the expectation for what others can expect from you in the future. Your personal brand is defined and expressed in your actions, words, image, behavior and relationships.

The value people assign to you is directly tied to how they feel about you - and perception is often created by your brand. How others feel about you directly impacts their desire to promote you, hire you, include you in critical projects and help advance your career. Instead of hoping someone will understand what makes you tick, see why you are unique and find you relevant, take control of your brand and your reputation today.


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