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March / April 2013

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Transportation: An Industry on the Go

military in transportation

What do an 18-wheeler truck driver, the general manager of the Denver Regional Transportation District and the Chief Operating Officer of Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority have in common?

They’re all military veterans who were surprised by the career opportunities and upward job mobility in the transportation industry.

Click the link above to read more about veterans who have succeeded in their civilian transportation industry careers, and hear from transportation companies who are seeking to hire military.

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You know transportation

"I provide the Nation’s warfighters of all services what they need, when they need it, where they need it."

That phrase is part of the motto and creed of the U. S. Army’s Logistics Corps (Army Logistician, PB 700-07-04, Volume 39, Issue 4). Although the words belong to the Army, it would not take much tweaking to make it apply to the logistics mission in all branches of service.

Furthermore, change a few words and a logistics company in the private sector could adopt it as a corporate mission statement.

In this article, Tom Wolfe explains how a career in the military has prepared many of you for a career in logistics / transportation.

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                      military in transportation

Spouse Series: Moving On

The winds of change within the greater military community are certainly stirring. Sequestration, once thought to be a simple deterrent to inaction, is quickly becoming an all too in-our-face reality.

Whether you are anticipating another PCS move or a major military-to-civilian career transition for whatever reason, change is going to happen.  Click the link above to make sure you're prepared.

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                        Military community


Transition Talk

Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers. 

Q: I know that most employers do background checks, but I’ve heard that they can also do credit checks. I’m not even sure what my credit looks like. Would a credit check of a military job seeker that revealed bad credit disqualify me from a job?

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                       credit check of a military job seeker


Franchising: A Systemized Approach to Business

Franchising boasts some amazing statistics, such as more than 300 franchises are sold every week and one in every 12 businesses in the U.S. is a franchise. Franchises also stimulate America’s economy, as they employ more than 18 million Americans and account for about 50 percent of all retail sales.

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