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Civilian Job News: August 2009

Articles in This Issue

A Rising Star at Dell

After a brilliant military career, Roberta (Bobbie) Caldwell is using the leadership skills she learned in the U.S. Army to propel a successful post-military career at the computer giant Dell.   

From the War Zone to the Board Room

In June 2004, Dawn Halfaker, lost her arm during a squad patrol in Iraq when rocket-propelled grenades tore into her humvee. But Halfaker didn’t let her injuries keep her down; in 2006 she started Halfaker & Associates LLC, a rapidly growing company that employs 110.

Socializing for Advancement: Networking Your Way to a New Career

Networking has always been a staple in the job search and now it’s going digital. The popularity of social networking sites provides many job seekers with the opportunity to reach out to recruiters. 

Job Hunting During a Recession: Quality or Quantity?

In this month’s Career Coach’s Corner, Tom Wolfe discusses the military-to-civilian transition during a recession and provides practical tips that job seekers can do enhance their chances of success in today’s job market.

Ten Interview Killers

Arriving late, being unprepared and smelling like a barroom are sure fire ways to ruin an interview and the chance at a job offer.  Check out this list before your next interview to avoid these common interview pitfalls.


From the Blog: Understanding an Offer Letter

The offer letter is often the final step in the interview process.  It follows compensation negotiations and signals to both the company and the new employee to cease searching. Jessie Richardson provides insight into the role an offer letter plays in your job search.

The Leader of the Future

One of the most significant trends we are starting to see in the world of work today is the growing popularity of teleworkers and virtual teams. Future leaders in corporate America will need to be successful at managing remote workers and teams.

Employer Spotlight: CSRA Technology, LLC

CSRA Technology LLC is an advanced technology and training firm founded in 2003. The company specializes in applying technological solutions to the government, commercial, outdoor and agricultural industries.

Your Money Matters from USAA

Financial experts solve day-to-day dilemmas about dollars and cents.  This month, USAA tackles issues such as: retirement savings, credit reports, and small business ownership.

Publisher’s Letter

Civilian Job News' Publisher, Bill Basnett, provides advice on how to keep your job search active during the dog days of summer.