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Publisher's Letter: Sweat in the Sun

by Bill Basnett, Publisher

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Bill Basnett

Dear Readers,

It’s officially summertime and while many are looking forward to their vacations, I think this is the ideal opportunity for our readers to use these long days to help find the perfect career. I recently came across a quote that caught my attention and I think it captures this sentiment flawlessly: “You can never appreciate the shade of a tree unless you sweat in the sun.” This really struck me as something we can relate to in all aspects of life, especially job hunting.

Switching careers can be a highly strenuous and overwhelming task for anyone, particularly for transitioning military personnel, but it’s important to remember that there are ways to minimize your stress and ease this process. First, “sweating in the sun” suggests you need to put the time and effort into your research and understand that quantity does not always outweigh quality. For instance, don’t expect to receive many results simply by sending a generic resume out to the masses and hope that your odds in landing an interview are increased. Rather, take the time to use a variety of resources and tools to examine all opportunities available.

Doing little things like keeping a list of jobs you’ve applied for, when you applied for them, and who you contacted is one easy way to help maintain an organized system. I recommend doing simple tasks that will help you stand out in a crowd of applicants: try to avoid applying online to massive job boards without looking at the company’s website, visit job fairs, have your resume professionally written, and network as much as possible.

One of the most common issues that job seekers discover is figuring out where to begin when so many choices are available. Having a detailed list of all the criteria you want in a career allows you to narrow down your options and focus on relevant job postings, giving you the opportunity to choose based on your preference and not settle for just any offer. In this issue’s article “Three Steps to Hiring Your Perfect Employer,” we discuss ways to empower you, the job seeker, to have choices that best suit your needs.

I cannot reiterate how crucial planning is when it comes time for your career search. The earlier you can start thinking about what truly matters to you, the better off you’ll be. You’ll be grateful for the amount of hard work you put in once you land the job of your dreams...allowing you to appreciate the shade of a tree.

- Bill Basnett

Bill Basnett is a graduate of the U.S.M.A. at West Point and former cavalry officer with the U.S. Army. He began his recruiting career with Bradley-Morris, Inc. in 1991 as the first candidate recruiter and regional operations manager. He has over 18 years in the recruiting industry, focusing on the hiring and placement of transitioning military and veterans. In December 2008, he was promoted to the position of vice president of

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