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July / August 2011

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Young and (already) retired - How to leverage your military experience if you’ve rarely - if ever - worked in the civilian world.

No doubt you’ve worked, and worked hard, in the military. But when trying to remember everything you accomplished over that time, you may have a tendency to sell yourself short. This article will help make sure you don’t underestimate your applicable skills.

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Three steps to hiring your perfect employer

Hire your employer? I thought they were hiring me! Heidi Russell Rafferty explains that if you prepare to “hire your employer”, it will make you a more attractive job candidate.

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Career Coach's Corner: The ABCs of geography

Possibly the single biggest decision you will make when you leave the military is, “Where do I want to live?” Nothing can give you more options for jobs than having geographic flexibility. But how do you finally decide? Tom Wolfe suggests a good method.

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Publisher’s Letter: Sweat in the Sun

Summer is a great time to “sweat in the sun”. This applies to both the fun outdoor activities we participate in as well as when we are working on our job search. Civilian Job News' publisher, Bill Basnett discusses this topic in his letter to readers.

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