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July / August 2015

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Back to School: Is It Right for You?

You’ve amassed experience in the military, and you’re a proven professional in your field. So is extra schooling even necessary? Wouldn’t it be better to jump into a civilian job without spending time in a classroom?

It depends, say student recruiters at military-friendly universities. Here is a four-step process to help you determine whether to go back to school.

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Spouse Series: Feeling the College Fear and Doing It Anyway
So you’re thinking about going to college but you have some concerns. Maybe the last time you sat in a classroom was during your senior year of high school. A lot has happened in your life since then. Still, you have questions. Here are the answers.

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                                Spouse Series

Higher Education Issue Featured Schools

Military Transition News is featuring four military-friendly schools as part of the 2015 July/August Higher Education Issue. Continue on to see the schools’ profiles along with their veteran assistance contact information.

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10 Transition Tricks of the Trade

As you near your military separation, you will probably have many questions regarding the military-to-civilian transition. Here are 10 tricks of the trade to help you successfully navigate to your new career.

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                             Career Coach's Corner

A Streamlined Journey to Teaching: Troops to Teachers

During her military career, former Army CPT Heather M. Morgan’s job titles ranged from chemical officer, to personnel management, to executive officer, to S2 intelligence officer. But Troops to Teachers gave her tools to make the leap into teaching.


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6 Things to Do Before You Go Back to School
Going back to school for another degree or designation can provide a great opportunity for forward movement in your career. Here are six things to do before you go back to school so that you put you and your family in the best financial position possible.

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Transitioning Military Leadership into Saladmaster Dealerships
Saladmaster is the premier cookware brand dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams by offering the opportunity to thrive in their own Dealership. Building a Saladmaster Dealership is an opportunity to start your own business, earn a substantial living and achieve your dreams as you transition into civilian life.

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How to Apply Your Military Skills to the Civilian Workforce
America’s veterans deserve our gratitude when they return home from their time in the service and hang up their uniform. But more than that, they also deserve an opportunity to demonstrate what a valuable resource they can be to employers.

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Transition Talk
Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers.

Q: I’m transitioning out in the next six months and I’m considering going back to school to earn my MBA. What are the benefits of an MBA over a bachelor’s degree?

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                             Transition Talk

The Veterans Education Training and Transition Program (VET2) Provides Opportunities for Military
James Wilburn understands firsthand the challenges of transitioning from the military to civilian employment. That’s why, as the military academic program director for Georgia Tech Professional Education, he launched the Veterans Education Training and Transition Program (VET2).

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Transitioning A to Z

In the upcoming issues of Military Transition News, we are reprising the A to Z list of everything a service member needs to know about transitioning. One of the “greatest hits” is the letter “S”.

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                          Transitioning A to Z

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