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Spouse Series: Feeling the College Fear and Doing it Anyway

by Janet Farley, Contributing Editor

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So you’re thinking about going to college but you have some concerns. Maybe the last time you sat in a classroom was during your senior year of high school.

A lot has happened in your life since then.


You’ve found the uniformed love of your life and married him or her. You experienced your fair share of PCS moves. And somewhere between the first set of orders and the last, you started a family, landed a job or two and bought a minivan.


In short, you grew up. You’re not done growing professionally, however. Being the smart cookie you are, you know that having a college degree will help you out in the long run on many levels.


Still, you’re hesitant and maybe even a tad bit scared. You have questions:

1. How will you ever find the time to study and go to classes?

2. How will you afford it without breaking the budget or your children’s college fund?

3. Is it even possible to juggle it all?


Here are the answers:

1. You’ll figure it out.

2. You’ll figure it out.

3. Yes it is and I’ve met the proof. Her name is Angela Davis.


Davis is an Army spouse and a mother of three children under the age of 15. She holds down three different jobs. She is a wine vendor for E&J Gallo Winery, a sales associate for Armin and Marion Hometextiles and a blogger for


Davis is also part-time student at the University of Maryland, University College (UMUC) in Germany where she and her family are currently stationed.


“You may think you don’t have time to go to college, but you do,” Davis says.


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