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Transitioning Military Leadership into Saladmaster Dealerships

A proven business model and structured plan for success without the cost of franchise fees

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Who is Saladmaster?
Saladmaster is the premier cookware brand dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams by offering the opportunity to thrive in their own Dealership. A global company – in business for 70 years with a presence in over 50 countries – Saladmaster designs, engineers and manufactures the world’s best cookware, made right here in the U.S.A. from 316Ti stainless steel backed by a lifetime warranty. Saladmaster products are available through Authorized Dealers who represent the Saladmaster brand and cookware system. Through comprehensive training and on-going guidance and support, Saladmaster allows you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, all without the cost of franchise fees.

Building a Saladmaster Dealership is an opportunity to start your own business, earn a substantial living and achieve your dreams as you transition into civilian life. In becoming part of a company that shares your values of integrity and steadfastness, you can grow a successful business and make a difference in your family’s life and the lives of others.


A Family Business Opportunity

Whether you are looking for an opportunity to build something on your own, or with your family, the Saladmaster model allows you the flexibility to earn a great living while balancing work-family life. “Saladmaster really does change lives, and allows you [the flexibility] while in the military or being a [supporting] spouse; and you both can be very much involved as you choose,” says Tommie Mizer who is currently stationed with her husband, an E-4 Specialist, at Fort Carson.


Active duty and reserve service can make it difficult to have set schedules, which make the search for typical civilian jobs quite challenging. Military families appreciate the work mobility and flexible hours that the Saladmaster Dealership opportunity offers. “What I love about Saladmaster is that during the day I get to be mommy and in the evening I can make my own hours and go be my own person. It’s great because the hours are flexible and you make them, so you can work around them being in the field or with anything else that may come up,” explains Kate Ribera, wife of an active duty U.S. Army soldier.


“It is a great transition from the uniform to the civilian world, while at the same time owning your business and meeting new people,” says T.C. McNeil, a military veteran who opened a Saladmaster Dealership in Colorado.


Apply Your Military Training to Build a Successful Dealership

Leadership, teamwork and a commitment to excellence are all qualities that help you thrive. Saladmaster is committed to help mentor you and apply those skills for business success.


Lindon McCurdy, currently on active duty with the Army, has been with Saladmaster for six months and is already seeing the benefits of using the invaluable skills and experience gained while serving in his Saladmaster business. “I absolutely love it; it’s been a great benefit for me and my family. And the possibility to take what I’m doing now and to bring it out after I’m done with the military is awesome.” His wife, Diana, is also actively involved in the business, “I can bring a significant source of income home on top of being able to do everything that I do during the day. Being a military family, we are able to take it with us to our next duty station and pretty much anywhere else that we go. “


Puts You in a Community of Other Professionals

In becoming a Dealer, you will be part of a worldwide network of other experienced leaders sharing their stories and offering guidance whenever needed. At Saladmaster, we ensure additional learning opportunities are available so you can enhance your skills and thrive.


Ready to Thrive?

Saladmaster is devoted to helping our military personnel as they transition to civilian life. Become a Saladmaster Dealer and see what extraordinary things you can accomplish. Let’s get started today!


For more information please visit or contact Shirley Loutzenhiser, Vice President of Dealer Expansion, at or (440) 725-2865.

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