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For veterans with the drive to succeed, careers at Con-way Truckload abound


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The transportation industry is a career field that has experienced consistent growth and as such is a target for many job seekers, including those with military experience. For veterans seeking jobs in the transportation industry, Con-way Truckload should be one of the companies they consider.

Veterans Seeking Jobs In The Transportation Industry

“The skills and qualities that our service member employees bring to the workplace are highly transferable and complementary for a career in driving, and the lifestyle similarities make for a smooth transition to civilian life for our veterans,” said Bert Johnson, VP, human resources at Con-way Truckload.


Finding and hiring motivated, focused employees who are disciplined, hardworking and family-oriented is always a challenge. Con-way Truckload has found that military personnel are equipped with these characteristics in addition to demonstrating leadership, diligence and respect for the chain of command. “They work effectively in challenging situations, are willing and eager to accept responsibility, are self-motivated and take pride in excelling at what they do,” said Johnson.


The company works hard to provide service members with career opportunities in multiple areas promoting a successful transition from military service to civilian careers, specifically through their Military Apprenticeship Program for veterans who would like to begin a career in trucking. Con-way Truckload cultivates close relationships with the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) and one-stop centers throughout the country designed to help separated military personnel find the right job, program or opportunity to begin or continue their training.


Con-way Truckload’s apprenticeship program allows qualifying veterans and reservists to use their GI Bill benefits to pay for schooling and supplement their income during the first year of employment. This means an individual can be paid a monthly benefit while attending an educational institution that is also covered by the Bill. The monthly benefit amount will be equal to the service member’s Basic Housing Allowance, which varies by residence of record. In that first year, new drivers fulfill a series of skills qualifications, training and safe driving performance milestones as a condition of continued employment.


Veterans Seeking Jobs In The Transportation Industry

Jeff Thurlow served in the Army and now works as a driver for Con-way. He took advantage of the apprenticeship program and is now full-time with the company. “The program helped add extra income, by utilizing my GI Bill benefits,” said Thurlow.


With his new career as a driver, Thurlow has found the amount of freedom on the road and self-management aspects of the job were something he didn’t expect. “Going in, I was pretty nervous about being out on my own,” said Thurlow. “However, the onboarding programs for drivers really helped me get up to speed so I could begin to contribute more quickly.”


Non-driver positions are also available through a program called Army PaYS. Army PaYS is a partnership between the Army and the U.S. business community that aims to attract, train and deploy talented people who want to serve their country as well as secure future success once their Army service is complete.


Con-way Truckload also offers a generous package of benefits for employees who are called to active duty. This includes pay differentials for their employee soldiers, along with uninterrupted health benefits for their families during the first year of deployment.


Over the last five years, Con-way Inc., Con-way Truckload’s parent company, has paid more than $1.1 million in differential compensation to its deployed employee soldiers. Today the company boasts nearly 2,700 military service veterans as employees throughout Con-way Truckload and its sister companies, Con-way Freight and Menlo Logistics.


This focus on military personnel hasn’t gone unnoticed. Con-way Inc. was a 2012 recipient of the Department of Defense’s Patriot Award as well as a recipient of the Freedom Award - the highest recognition given by the U.S. government to employers committed to employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve.


Current employees are the main beneficiaries of this focus. “I would’ve never been able to enter the transportation industry without the programs that Con-way Truckload offers,” Thurlow commented. “It’s a company I hope to work with for a long time.”



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