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January / February 2011

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Transocean: On and offshore success

Known for constructing oil and natural gas wells in the deep ocean waters of the world, Transocean provides services for all types of petroleum companies in many offshore drilling markets. Like any good organization, Transocean wants to hire the best and they know the best can be found in transitioning military personnel. Click to find out why the company loves to hire military.

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Hot Jobs for 2011

In the coming year, “hot jobs” can be found in industries ranging from health care and information technology, to logistics and accounting / finance, not to mention the plethora of opportunities in the federal contracting arena according to a number of employment experts. And, despite the slow economic recovery rate, they note that veterans stand a better chance in a sea of civilian candidates when competing for those jobs. Find out more details in this article.

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Culture Clash - Preparing for surprises in your first civilian job

While civilian employers value the skills and training of military personnel, no one will argue that the civilian world and the workplace there require some adjustment. In this article, Carolyn Heinze explores tips from experts regarding what to expect in this environment and how best to adapt when you get there.

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Applicant Tracking System: Useful Tool or Military Resume Abyss?

Never heard of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? Don’t know how it impacts your job search? Jessie Richardson tells you how to deal with this common problem for military job applicants.

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Career Coach's Corner: Looking to get out?

Should I stay or should I go? Every military service member must face this question at some time. Tom Wolfe explains a method to help you decide.

Texas says, “Teachers Wanted”

If you’ve ever considered a career in education, you might also consider pursuing this career in the state of Texas. Find out more about the areas of need in this article.

Publisher’s Letter

As the job market improves, publisher Bill Basnett issues a challenge to military job seekers in 2011 - Follow the Top 10 Tips.


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