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Publisher's Letter: Celebrating a Milestone
by George Bernloehr, Publisher

George Bernleohr

Dear Readers,

The Civilian Job News (CJN) turns three years old

with this January issue of 2009. When launching ournewspaper, the goal was to provide a practical career transition newspaper for military service members. That was our focus during concept, launch, throughout the first two years and remains the objective for this publication. A review of our newspapers demonstrates we have stayed the course. Articles published in Civilian Job News have provided outstanding advice covering all aspects of one’s career transition. Most of the ads printed in this newspaper have highlighted new career or training opportunities with companies and organizations who appreciate the value people with a military background bring to the table.

I would like to personally thank all the companies who have advertised with us throughout 2007-2008, particularly the Air Force Reserve (who has been with us from the first issue), Northrop Grumman, CSX, BAE Systems, Noble Drilling and Schneider National. Without the support of the companies who advertise with Civilian Job News, we would not be able to achieve our goal of providing solid career transition advice and information to military service members around the world.

I would also like to thank our regular contributors who have consistently provided valuable, spot-on advice covering all aspects of the job hunt, or career transition. Tom Wolfe has been an invaluable member of the CJN team with his contributions to Career Coach’s Corner. Janet Farley, Carolyn Heinze, and Heidi Russell Rafferty consistently produce clearly written military transition advice pieces and articles featuring companies who have hired military service members. Evan Offstein writes insightful articles on the value of leadership and military experience in corporate America. Jessie Richards, our newest contributor, has done a great job focusing on solid resume development and planning a career transition.

Now we head into 2009 with the same focus and guideas we did when we first launched in 2006: to produce a practical newspaper that military service members can use to guide them through a career transition, making Civilian Job News the essential military-to-civilian transition resource. As I stated in our first issue, I want to hear from you. Jobseekers - bring us your questions, your opinions, your stories about your own transition from the military to the civilian work force, and other issues that will benefit our readers. Employers - provide your advice on winning the job, feedback concerning military members making an impact on your organization, and more. Career Counselors and Transition Assistance Professional s- give us your opinions on our content and feel free to share success stories of military members you have assisted, mentored, and help with the transition. Send us your questions, comments, concerns, stories, etc, to: Civilian Job News will successfully meet its mission if you are all involved with us.


George Bernloehr is a former naval aviation maintenanceduty officer who dedicated 20 years to the U.S. Navy. He got his start as a military placement specialist when he joined Bradley-Morris, Inc. in 1999 and has served as a candidate recruiter, branch manager and regional operations manager. In February 2005, he moved into the director of operations role at

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