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by Mike Arsenault, Vice President of Candidate Services

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Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers.

Q: Is there an age that you would consider being too old to accept a management trainee position? There are several companies that offer this kind of path, but they look like they are trying to recruit new college graduates. Should I even waste my time? If I apply, is it a good career move

A: ‘Management Trainee.’ Sounds pretty great. In fact, it sounds like the company plans to hire you and train you for a management position. What does a civilian ‘manager’ do, though? Every company is different and you need to consider the specific role and responsibilities.

Management trainees work in a variety of industries. For the restaurant, retail or automotive repair industries, a management trainee is probably being trained to oversee a store. Management trainees can lead a line staff with a very flat reporting structure and can gain a lot of new experiences such as creating work schedules and financial reports, and possibly marketing and advertising duties, as well. Initially, the hours can be long, but if you advance, you will typically oversee a number of locations.

That is an example management trainee position, but it is by no means the only type of role for this broad job description. As always, try to find out as many details as you can before and during the job interview. If a company is vague about what the job entails, especially during the interview, beware. They should be able to communicate the exact trainee timeline and the expectations for the role.


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