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The Hottest Jobs for 2017

by Heidi Lynn Russell, Contributing Editor

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The hottest job opportunities for 2017 have emerged for two reasons.

The first is a dearth of Information Technology professionals as companies race to fill new roles created by the sonic speed of technological advancements.

The second is a mass exodus of Baby Boomers, leaving a swath of vacancies in logistics, distribution and management throughout all industries nationwide.

”There are a lot of retirements. People are going out the door, and employers are scrambling,” says Russ Hovendick, author of the Amazon number-one seller Deployment to Employment: A Guide for Military Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Employment. “It’s across all sectors, affecting everybody. It’s really difficult. Employers are figuring out what they’re going to do.”

If your background is in IT, you should have virtually no problem finding postings, says Steven Ostrowski, Director of Corporate Communications for CompTIA (, a nonprofit trade organization for IT professionals and companies. At the end of the third quarter of 2016, there were about 600,000 IT jobs open in the U.S. That has dropped from 936,000 open positions in 2015, but it’s still significant when you consider the size of the industry, Ostrowski says.

“It impacts companies, banks, universities, schools, hospitals - not just tech companies,” he says. “The openings make it difficult for them to get the full value of what they’re spending on technology.” As a result, employers are anxious to hire veterans, he adds.

“Veterans have one talent that is increasingly becoming more important in the IT space, and that is the ability to work as part of a team. IT departments are not playing solo anymore, because most technology stuff touches different business units and departments,” Ostrowski says. “But don’t limit yourself. Look beyond the tech companies when looking for career openings. With 600,000 open jobs, there is a lot to choose from.’

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