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January / February 2014

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Veterans are Prime Candidates for Field Service Jobs

military veterans to fill the role of field service engineers

On any given day at cancer treatment facilities, oncology medical equipment needs servicing. And, when it breaks down unexpectedly, stress can be high for medical staff members. That’s why RS&A, Inc. (Radiotherapy Simulators & Accelerators) highly prizes military veterans to fill the role of Field Service Engineers (FSE).

Read on to learn why other companies, like Eaton, GE, and Hitachi HVB, target military experience as well.


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Navigating Business Etiquette in a Civilian World

When it comes to business etiquette, knowing the nuances of corporate America will place you ahead of the pack - not just apart from fellow military veterans who are vying for the same job during the interview process, but also among your future civilian colleagues.

Click here to read expert advice about conduct in the civilian workplace.

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                         Corporate Culture Is Different Than Military Culture

Interviewer Mind Vision Goggles (IMVG)

The interview is over. You leave the room and put on a pair of IMVGs - special goggles that allow you to see inside the mind of the interviewer, specifically, the vision you created there during the interview. What do you see?

Read on for guidance from our Career Coach on how to assess your own interview.

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                      Advanced Preparation Is Key To Any Successful Civilian Interview

Spouse Series: Welcome to Your New “Normal”

As your family transitions out of the military, circumstances will, of course, be different. Don’t kid yourself though. One set of worries will ultimately be exchanged for another set and your new normal will feel oddly familiar.


Refer to the survival strategies in this article for assistance.

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                      Post-Uniform Life


Transition Talk

Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers. 

Q: It will still be a little while until I am out of the military, but I am leaving my duty station. I am wondering what kind of records I should ensure I have before I transfer to make a transition to my next career easier.

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                     Outline Your Military Accomplishments


Transitioning A to Z

In the upcoming issues of MTN, we will be listing everything a service member needs to know about transitioning, from A to Z.

This month, we tackle “I” and “J”.

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                     Impress The Civilian Interviewers



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