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January / February 2013

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Leadership on Demand: Chesapeake Hires Veterans

military in energy

Some companies are quick to say they support our nation’s veterans and others let their actions speak more for themselves. Chesapeake Energy falls into the latter camp.

“We want to hire the best so we look to hire vets,” said Jason Allbaugh, a military relations representative who works at Chesapeake to recruit veterans for the company. Named to Civilian Job News’ Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military® in 2010, 2011 and 2012, Chesapeake is widely recognized as one of the most military-friendly employers in the nation. Find out more about veterans working at Chesapeake in this story.

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Industry Spotlight: Powering up your career in the energy industry

The energy industry is so hungry to hire military veterans that when recruiters go to job fairs, “sometimes we physically grab them as they go by,” says Elton Richards, regional manager at ComEd and a retired Army 1st Sgt.

Find out more about how energy companies and utilities recruit military for energy jobs in this article.

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recruit military for energy jobs

Now or Then? Tricks to timing your job search

In your quest for a job, hard work and due diligence pay off, but there is something to be said for timing. What’s the best time to find a job? Read more in this article from Contributing Editor Carolyn Heinze.

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Q Power – Interviewing Tips for Veterans

As you read this issue of Civilian Job News and learn about employment opportunities in the energy industry, you will be reminded of the importance of electrical power in our daily lives. As a job seeker, you would be wise to also consider another important energy source - the power of questions - Q Power!

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interviewing tips for veterans

Spouse Series: 7 ways to re-energize a stalled military to civilian job search

The process of finding a job is not only a job itself, but it can be a lengthy task at best. Generally speaking, the average search takes about eight months. It’s easy to become discouraged and give up. Or worse, we continue doing what we’ve been doing in the past without success. Here's how to re-energize.

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Ask the Recruiter

What questions do your peers have about the military transition and job search process? Here is this month's first question:

Q: My experience is wide ranging and could fall into several job positions. Do you think I should create more than one military to civilian resume?

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