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January / February 2012

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The 5 most difficult interview questions - and how to answer them.

You probably won’t find yourself put on the spot with questions like, “If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?” There are, however, simple questions that can be just as challenging that you are very likely to be asked.

To help Civilian Job News’ readers prepare for their own interviews, we asked the experts this question: What are the five most difficult interview questions job candidates are likely to be asked?

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Painting a Successful Post Military Career

Your military-to-civilian career transition might be something you have dreamed about for a long time. Even so, it can be a stressful and challenging move to make in the best of times. In our recent economic environment, it can be downright scary. Read Command Sergeant Major (Ret.) Byron Barron's success story.

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Are You LinkedIn? 7 Steps to a Great LinkedIn Military Profile

It’s considered one of the top three social media networks behind Facebook and Twitter, and a must-have for professionals. No, it’s not MySpace or Google+; it’s LinkedIn. It might seem like just another place to put your resume, but it is so much more! Here are seven ways to create a winning public profile.

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70 Steps to Transition Success

The Civilian Job News Military Transition Checklist

What exactly do I need to do as I am planning a separation from the military and embarking on a civilian career? This handy checklist should help you cover all the bases.

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Military Transition Checklist

Top 40 Under 40 Military Spotlight: Brian Valhuerdi

Former Marine Sgt. Brian Valhuerdi, a recipient of’s Top 40 Under 40 Military achievers in 2011, successfully transitioned to a civilian career as project manager for Flowserve Corp. (Hanover, PA), an industry leader in industrial pumps and motors. We sat down for a Q&A on how he did it.

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Thousands of job titles - What do they mean?

While there are some signs the economy is slightly improving, the question remains, "What jobs are available?" The good news is there are hundreds of companies hiring thousands of people like you into jobs with hundreds of possible job titles. The bad news is that there are far too many titles for you to become experts on all of them. However, Tom Wolfe tells you about the three general categories of jobs that are out there.

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Military to Civilian Job Titles

Ask the Recruiter

What questions do your peers have about the military transition and job search process? See this month's Q&A here.

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