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January/February 2010

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Answering When Opportunity Knocks

Won Choe during his

service with the U.S.


Before working his way up the corporate ladder at Consolidate Edison of New York (Con Ed), former Naval Officer Won Choe served as a Navy Nuclear Officer.  Initially, Choe worked at the company as anelectrical distribution engineer. In 2004, Con Ed formed a new department called Distribution Engineering and they tapped Choe to serve as section manager. Now, he supervises 120 employees and is responsible for the maintenance and construction of the underground electrical distribution infrastructure in Brooklyn.


Hot Jobs 2010

Despite the predictions for a slow economic recovery, a tight job market doesn’t mean exiting military veterans can’t find employment. These days, searching for “hot jobs” requires a little creativity, say job forecast experts.

The Write Introduction

Every good resume needs a great cover letter. The cover letter provides job candidates with the opportunity to make a first impression that lasts. Whether you are sending your resume via e-mail or snail mail, Carolyn Heinze provides advice for the ins and outs of writing a good cover letter.


School Daze?

How important is a college degree in today’s job marketplace? Is a Bachelor or Master’s degree essential to landing your post-military career? Career Coach Tom Wolfe tackles this important issue facing many transitioning service members.

From the Blog: New Year, New Job

If your goal is to find a new job for the new year, then this article is for you. Jessie Richardson provides practical advice and tips to take your job search to the next level to win. 


Employer Spotlight: Gateway Energy Services

Gateway Energy Services, one of the largest and most highly regarded independent energy suppliers in North America, has found some of the best qualities in its employees from veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Save Money the Easy Way

In today’s economy, many families are cutting back on their expenses and finding ways to save money. USAA’s J.J. Montanaro tackles the age-old dilemma of trimming down the grocery budget by visiting the commissary.  

Publisher’s Letter

Many people start their new year off with resolutions. Resolutions vary but the most popular are to lose weight or exercise more. But this year I have a new resolution for job seekers: stand out from the crowd. As the economy recovers and the job market improves, it is essential to stand out from the crowd to get a competitive edge.