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Civilian Job News: February 2009

Articles in This Issue

Imagine Your Civilian Career With Hitachi

Hitachi Medical Systems America (HMSA) hires transitioning military for a variety of positions.  Janet Farley uncovered what makes HSMA such a great company for veterans to work for and the career opportunities they offer.

Hot Jobs for Military in 2009

Despite the shaky economy, there are industries hiring and they want to hire veterans.  This article highlights four industries that are poised to grow in 2009.

Money in the Bank = a Smooth Transition

The two keys to a successful transition from the military to a civilian career are being prepared and having money in the bank.

Silence is Golden

This rule doesn't just apply in the movie theater any more.  Knowing when to speak and when to keep quiet can play an integral part in a winning interview.

Are Your Bags Packed?

The Career Coach's Corner sets out to decode the travel requirements of a job description.

Character Counts in Business

A lack of character in the executive suite just might be part of the problem with Corporate America these days. Dr. Evan Offstein provides his unique insight on this issue so we can learn from others' mistakes.

From the Blog: Assessment Tools for Transitioning Career Seekers

Jessie Richardson recently wrote a blog post on the assessment tools available for job seekers looking to change careers.  In this post, she reviews the O*Net Web site and explains how it can apply to transitioning military in their search for a civilian career.

Weatherproofing Your Finances

It doesn't matter if you are 22 or 52, planning for your retirement is the best way you can insure your golden years are really golden.  USAA provides some important advice on how to manage the financial roller coaster.

Publisher's Letter

George Bernloehr reflects on an important Civilian Job News milestone.