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Civilian Job News: December 2009

Articles in This Issue

Your Next Career in in the Pipeline

Looking for an exciting post-military engineering career where everyday is different? Then BJ Process and Pipeline Services (BJ PPS) is the place for you.  BJ PPS is known as the leading and most diverse provider of process and pipeline services worldwide, a day on the job can be anything but typical.     

Is Working Smaller, Better?

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), 99.7 percent of all employers are small businesses and these companies employ half of all private sector employees. Working at a small company can have many rewards but it can be a challenge. In this issue, Carolyn Heinze writes about the pros and cons of working for a small business.

Mastering the Phone Interview

Many companies use phone interviews to screen candidates before bringing them in for an interview. Heidi Russell Rafferty provides ten tips to ace the interview to ensure a face-to-face meeting.  

Job Hunting Success = Good Questions

Asking questions is essential to a successful job hunt. In the issue’s Career Coach’s Corner, Tom Wolfe explains how asking questions (and the right ones, at that) shows an employer that you are interested in the company and the position.

From the Blog: Volunteer Your Way to a Post-Military Career

Volunteering your time and talents can help you add to your work experience while giving your resume a boost. Jessie Richardson provides tips on how to get involved and how to use the experience to benefit your job search.


Virtual Leadership in Today's Workplace

The workplace is changing and rapidly. With the popularity of telecommuting and working from home, finding the right leaders to manage a non-traditional workforce is the challenge facing Corporate America today. 

Publisher’s Letter

Civilian Job News' Publisher, Bill Basnett, provides advice about planning for your job search in 2010 and the steps you can take now to prepare.